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Draw straight line from the candle near arrow as soon as the arrow was displayed. Draw the line from downside if arrow points up see picture. Draw the line from upside otherwise. Answer all question please!!! A good trading strategy should not be promoting 3 candle binary option strategy broker. Trader should not 3 candle binary option strategy saying things like it only works well with IQ option, or 24 option, or bd swiss. If it cannot work with all platforms it means its a louse strategy that does not work.

I get it, you just need to read the directions better or over and over till you understand it. Simply put where the arrow occurs you need to draw a line from the highest point of that candle and drag it out.

I just realised that the blue horizontal lines on the chart are the drawn lines. However, I am still mystified as to what they do. What is the purpose of the lines. My other questions in the previous post remain. This looks like a good indicator…. I am also confused as to when you have entered the trades in this screenshot. Do you enter on the next candle after the arrow…waiting for the third candle in the trend? Should we wait until we see three trending candles close before considering an entry?

Also, where are the lines that are drawn in and what is their purpose? Do they run vertically? How is that so? For how long must the trade be? Your email address will not be published. How to use our strategies from Best-Binary-Options-Strategy.

BBand Stop binary option strategy. BBand Stop strategiebinary options 5 minutesbinary options strategystrategie. 3 candle binary option strategy it cannot work with all platforms it means its a louse strategy that does not work Thank u all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Top 5 Binary Options Trading Strategies.

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The strategy Three in a row is based on the three most popular indicators: If these indicators are used correctly, they provide a high percentage of correct signals and may be filters for each other. Surely, every trader is faced with a situation when the popular indicator that seemingly is used by all the traders begins to give false signals. Hundreds of strategies are built at the MA with different periods since, firstly, it shows the moment when the market chose the direction and traders unanimously decided to buy or sell an asset.

Secondly, it is easy to track on the chart. In this trading strategy, the key level is If the RSI is above this mark, the trend is up; if below, the trend is downward. The useful tool of technical analysis. Its direction also coincides with the direction of the price, and the important thing for us is the moving of stochastic in the channel The break of this channel shows overbought or oversold zones of the market.

The strategy is suitable for all timeframes. Naturally, the longer timeframes will give us more correct signals; consequently, we will gain more profitable deals.

The expiry time of the options should be candles ahead. Conversely, if you chose a minute timeframe, the expiry time should be one hour. Conditions to buy CALL option: Conditions to buy PUT option: If you look at the strategy in more detail, you may wonder why one binary options strategy uses two oscillators: These oscillators have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

However, because of this lag, RSI gives fewer false signals. Thus, they fine filter each other. Skip to main content. Three in a row strategy - based on the three most popular indicators: