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Check out the all new PyPI! This is useful for baking in a local timestamp. On the basis of timestamp named files. Instant messaging client for Plone babble. The repository is non-redundant, compressed, and journalled, making it efficient to store and transfer incremental snapshots. Unless you need to communicate with Zope 2 APIs, you're probably better off using Python's built-in datetime module. With things, you can create a django project and generate a static site from your database content.

Useful if you want to send a user a link that logs the user in without leaking their login credentials. Finds dependencies automatically for any language. Using python to do stock analysis. Flat allows users to view annotated FoLiA documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp annotation types is supported through the FoLiA paradigm.

Library supports field validation by Python Types and required fields. Time as a vector space, the way it was meant to be.

This is an unofficial fork of the official package 'pyicloud'. The protocol is described here: A proxy for the Graphite stats collection and graphing auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp. Allows sending raw messages, multi-port input and sending multiple messages in one call.

The state here means process running on the host, their open connections and files. Also users logged in, mount points on the host etcetra.

This information is useful in mapping out dependencies. A simple HTTP authentication library using shared secrets. Nothing more, nothing less. Embed iGoogle gadgets using WikiFormatting. The Timestamp Content project represents between passed date and current date time distance with appropricate message. Seaborn Timestamp has timing functions and a timing profile which collects and reports on timing data of code execution.

NaiveDateTimeField for storing a naive timestamp. Analyse hops taken by an Email to reach you. Get structured information about each hop - Hostnames, Protocol used, Timestamp, and Delay. A simple utility to set the modified and accessed timestamps on files according to their filenames. This project enables quering the Application Insights Analytics API while parsing the results for furthur processing using data analysis tools, such auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp numpy.

Python package for writing and reading a local collection of biological sequences. Detects bit rotten files on the hard drive to save your precious photo and music collection from slow decay. Python utilities for creating an ElasticSearch database containing information on available CLI modules. Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask App Builder.

This package provides a DateTime data type, as known from Zope 2. A django app that replaces the django admin authentication mechanism by deferring to an oauth2 provider. Updated Amazon S3 storage from django-storages.

Collection of helpers to back up Django projects that use a Postgres database and a S3 bucket as media storage. An elegant solution for keeping a relational log of chronological events in a Django application. A Django application to implement a follow system and a timeline using multiple backends db, redis, etc. Django Simple Serializer is a serializer auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp help user serialize django data or python list into json,xml,dict data in a simple way.

Two Table model for Django for storing other model data. Encrypts information in urls, such as login credentials. Django Common djcommon - A set of project independent reusable features while developing with the Django Framework - https: Tests a command line program by executing it in a temporary sandbox directory and inspecting its result.

FFVideo is a python extension makes possible to access to decoded frames at two format: Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. Flowbber is a generic tool and framework that allows to execute custom pipelines for data gathering, publishing and analysis. A git command to lint everything in your workspace or stage that was changed since the last commit.

The GitResultsManager Python module and scripts resman for keeping track of research results using Git. Standalone Graphite metric data collectors for various stuff thats not or poorly handled by other monitoring daemons. Hyperstream is a large-scale, flexible and robust software package for processing streaming data. Python module to analyze, study and research the intonation of musical intervals in music recordings. Library for connecting to iobeam, the data analysis platform for the Internet of Things IoT.

The Jmbo base product introduces a content type and various tools required to build Jmbo products. Jmbo Foundry ties together the various Jmbo products enabling you to rapidly build multilingual web and mobi sites with the minimum amount of code and customization.

A simple way of 'extending' json to support additional types like datetime, Decimal and binary data. Logging framework for receiving and processing events from a diverse range of sources and formats, and auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp onto multiple destinations.

Memacs extracts metadata from many different existing data sources on your computer and generates files which are readable by GNU Emacs Org-Mode. A library to parse MT files and returns smart Python collections for statistics and manipulation. A collection of scripts and utilities for extracting citations to academic literature from Wikipedia's XML database dumps. Produces textual information based on the contents of OpenDocument Format files and other archives.

PyiCloud is a module which allows pythonistas to interact with iCloud webservices. The oaipmh module is a Python implementation of an "Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting" version 2 client and server.

PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions, transaction and pooling. Scheduling library, that provides a generic way to compose and query schedules of recurrent continuous events, such as working time of organizations, meetings, movie shows, etc. A framework that allows developers declaratively define resources and relationships between them.

Performs user classification into auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp using a set of seed Twitter users with known labels andthe structure of the interaction network between them. The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools.

Python auto binary signals pro strategies review timestamp for RtMidi written in Cython. This is very simple script for election a leader primary from all members tagged with specific role. Sillyfacter prints JSON facts related to the state of the system.

SimPype is a simulation framework based on Simpy that relies on the concepts of resource and pipe. Send test results to TeamCity continuous integration server from unittest, nose, py. Times is a small, minimalistic, Python library for dealing with time conversions between universal time and arbitrary timezones.

Mirantis OpenStack Ansible-like tool for parallel node operations: Reference implementation of the ERAV data model for citizen science. Common tools used within our organization.

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