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How about volunteering all weekend to help the community of Nantucket any way we can. We have been volunteering at various festivals and events all summer long, and this last weekend we continued that trend by doubling up our volunteer efforts at a […]. Every kid except for my spaz little brother loves to ride bicycles. Why do Americans with the […].

One of our goals for this summer was to get Team NBT more involved in volunteering opportunities. Not only is it helpful for the community, but it gives our guys another chance to develop their own skills. From the moment I stepped on the island, biking was quickly built into my day-to-day routine. This daily commute takes only 20 minutes each way. I could choose the easy route […]. Why commute by bicycle?

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This is how I felt at the start of my first week of my winter commuting challenge. Nantucket and wind go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not this banc de binary is a scam they give you wrong trades to wipe your account and add bonuses without exp. Smooth riding to work, around town, and back home everyday.

You might say that […]. Where can you find a rusty saw, an old Christmas tree, a lonely flip flop, and a random foot pipe? We have been volunteering at various festivals and events all summer long, and this last weekend we continued that trend by doubling up our volunteer efforts at a […] Read more.

Why do Americans with the […] Read more. Friday […] Read more. I could choose the easy route […] Read more. My work truck sat idle […] Read more. You might say that […] Read more.

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I'd like to re-iterate the point that I made before on the talk page that Banc De Binary is the operating name of several companies including:. The company was never formally known as any other company, since all of its operations were done as "Banc De Binary". Listing companies is inconsistent with how other companies which have several "operating" companies are listed, for example:. In the examples I have provided above, I do not see any reference to the companies which "operate" under the brand.

Banc De Binary is an Cypriot-Israeli company which offers Binary Options also known as fixed return options on assets including commodities, stocks, indicies and foreign exchange. And having an additional section called "operating companies" which includes information about companies which operate under the brand "Banc De Binary" world-wide, and other companies which provide them services. Banc de Binary simply uses different names, like with a person that has aliases, such as a.

The company have said themselves that in deposition that they are small, less than 60 people, so the comparison to Coca Cola is either intended to be humorous or misleading. In the case of companies like HSBC or Coca Cola, they have entirely different products for sale, which have to be branded differently. Banc de Binary has a tiny presence on sites like LinkedIN and photos of the employees together on it's Facebook page show it really does have less than 60 employees.

Banc de Binary are solely an online gambling company that offers only binary options, if they could be termed that in the way they are packaged. The statement and explanation of the relationship between Banc De Binary Ltd. Banc De Binary is an enterprise specializing in binary options also known as fixed return options on assets including commodities, stocks, indices, and foreign exchange. If there is some problem, rather than closing the template, please comment here so it can be resolved quickly.

This request is for the removal of the misidentification of BDB in the lede. As discussed extensively above, the footnote quotes the CFTC's inaccurate statement. After BDB requested they amend their statement, they released a correction at [3]. Last week, several editors affirmed the removal of this inaccuracy from the article, but due to an edit war the statement was frozen in its present incorrect status.

The four organizations constitute a unified enterprise but have separate identities and legal charters and it is a gross misconstruction to regard them as "formerly known as" or "also known as". It is my opinion that consensus has been demonstrated already and that the brief edit war does not constitute a denial of that consensus because it was not specifically related to it.

Not one person has denied that the CFTC's original statement was in error. This edit request essentially dates back to one of 18 April , above. I have requested at Ground rules that admin review of this request not claim that consensus must be demonstrated first, but that the admin review the case like an Article for Deletion to determine if consensus based on policy argument supports the request or not. Consensus for this request, balanced with some new text later in the article that I also approve of in general, appears at Banc De Binary's corporate structure.

Banc de Binary customers do not execute their trades via a regulated exchange, but are 'betting' against the firm itself, and the firm only profits if the client loses. This statement is not true. Banc De Binary customers execute their trades via a regulated exchange - the SpotOption exchange.

See the following resources:. Both appear to be "marketing" or "affiliation" sites which are used direct users to register accounts with competing companies. It has already been pointed out that both are reliable sources. SpotOption is an Israeli IT company that produces software for online gaming. Banc de Binary have bought a licence to use it. As has been stated in the US regulator's warning, some online binary companies have manipulated the software to produce losing trades.

In the case of Banc de Binary there is no wider exchange, where they are doing business with other companies in a transparent market, which is then overseen by independent assessors, such as NADEX. Instead, they just bought some software off Spotoption, which they customise and control with no third party verification from a government agency.

A regulated exchange means exactly that. For Banc de Binary to make money more people have to make a losing bet than a winning bet, as Banc de Binary are the only ones paying out. In a regulated exchange the company doesn't control the software showing the price or time, but it is overseen by an independent body.

This is why it's called a regulated exchange. When Banc de Binary pretended to be based in NY they tried to give this impression, but unfortunately the real US regulator found out. Perhaps Banc de Binary can tell us where exactly their profits come from, if this is not the case? And as far as how we make our money, Banc De Binary does not charge fees from their investors. The profit comes from the difference between the options that expire in the money to options that expire out of the money.

This difference can be found by the formula below. In this for each base asset with same expiry characteristics , W is the in the money option payout in percentage terms e. This can cause the platform gain S to be more volatile than in the above formula. In order for a trader to make a long term profit he has to predict correctly roughly The entity which profits from the client loosing is the entity which purchases the opposing option.

Don't forget - we don't click the button for you. The client always has the ability to choose if and when they want to enter the position. According to the US regulators statement some online binary options companies make those choices for the customers, when it appears that the customer might have won, so that the company has now won instead. The company does indeed also appear to sometimes click the button for the customer to change their expiration time, and even the price of the asset on expiry.

The customer does have the ability to choose, but what if the start price is completely wrong, and they have been duped? You mentioned the phrase, layman's terms, but this is not the definition of it by any means.

In this case it would be mean stating that Banc de Binary get back whatever the customers have lost, minus what they have won. With Banc de Binary controlling the software behind each trade a customer would need more than just to be lucky Can you please be more specific as to which US regulator and which Binary Options company? Can you please show evidence of this "The company does indeed also appear to sometimes click the button for the customer to change their expiration time, and even the price of the asset on expiry"?

If you were to have evidence of this, I think instead of trying to bash the company online on wikipedia, you would send a proper complaint to CySEC, since these statements are all accusations of violations of the terms of Banc De Binary's regulation. Also, can you prove that it is in fact Banc De Binary and not SpotOption exchange that controls the prices, and the "software"?

Since SpotOption Exchange is regulated, can you please define the usage of "proper regulator"? HistorianofRecenttimes, can you please explain the nature of your "issue" with Banc De Binary? To say that the winner is the entity which purchases the opposing option seems slightly misleading.

There's no guarantee that there is such an entity, although like any bookmaker the company presumably tries to attract a spread of bets on the possible outcomes. I do not believe that this is relevant to the article and the statement is simply a "marketing" piece for NADEX.

Nadex are the biggest legal, regulated exchange, and this is given for the sake of an example of what a proper exchange should look like HistorianofRecenttimes talk Some data about names of people is cited to Whois information. That's a poor source. We need better sources on that. Is Banc De Binary an exchange, a broker, or a bucket shop?

I would like to have the following quotes updated to reflect correct information based on the articles below:. This statement is incorrect as Oren Laurent is legally known as "Oren Shabat Laurent" as shown by the sentence below:.

While there WAS a document stating this, the charges currently pressed against all companies operating as Banc De Binary and Oren Laurent are civil, not criminal in nature as shown by the sentence below:.

In its continuing litigation against the Defendants, the CFTC seeks civil monetary penalties, and other remedial ancillary relief, including restitution, disgorgement, and rescission and a permanent injunction preventing the Defendants from engaging in certain commodity options activity with U. BDBJack you are incorrect to write that because of Double Jeopardy rules, Oren could not be convicted in criminal proceedings, if they were preceded by a civil case.

This link [1] clearly explains that under US Law he could indeed be tried twice. Double Jeopardy does not apply all cases. Perhaps for the sake of clarity you could write here exactly where the NAF Hedge Fund is as it doesn't appear on any lists of New York companies. Cyberbot II has detected links on Banc De Binary which have been added to the blacklist, either globally or locally. Links tend to be blacklisted because they have a history of being spammed or are highly inappropriate for Wikipedia.

The addition will be logged at one of these locations: Alternatively, you may request that the link is removed from or altered on the blacklist locally or globally. When requesting whitelisting, be sure to supply the link to be whitelisted and wrap the link in nowiki tags.

Please do not remove the tag until the issue is resolved. You may set the invisible parameter to "true" whilst requests to white-list are being processed. Should you require any help with this process, please ask at the help desk. If you would like me to provide more information on the talk page, contact User: Cyberpower and ask him to program me with more info. From your friendly hard working bot. This page should not be speedily deleted because Delete it -- 1.

This article is about a company that is the subject of current and serious legal action by the CTFC and SEC, making it noted and of great international interest. The company themselves have a huge presence online through their own PR team, making many claims and the Wikipedia article is the only truthful description of them -- HistorianofRecenttimes talk Maybe not speedy deletion, but AfD seems reasonable for me per WP: CORP , may be even deleting the info and then merging with the discussion on binary options would be the best in my opinion.

Please also note that most of the references don't have anything to do with the company or are from very doubtful websites. It does appear that as editors send by Banc de Binary have been unable to change this article, they hit on another plan, to attempt deletion.

Merging the article is a bad idea which would remove the details about Banc de Binary's reasons for problems with US regulators and thus remove the full picture of what has been going on in the world of unregulated online gaming. BTW, I checked the CYSEC list of regulated companies, why is it that Banc de Binary do not give a telephone number like all the others [2] , surely this is pevidence that they're not really in Cyprus other than with a virtual office.