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Minimum amount Face Value: We offer Non-Recourse Funding for these Markets. We offer Top Returns. Top Flexibility and Secure Solutions. Monthly distribution of profits and one month notice! We offer full deposit protection. Here you will find information about all products and guidance to how to proceed. Complete the form and return to info economic-consultants.

We will answer any request within 24hrs. Lars Johan Myrtroen, has 40 years experience in international financing and runs his operations from London, England. We have made an Agreement with a highly reputable private bank offering the following services to our bank instrument trading platforms. To get the bank instrument trading platforms of account opening you do not require personal presence, scanned copies of KYC set of documents are sent via e-mail.

Profits paid out each month if wanted and one month notice only. Money always remain in clients own bank account with full control. Bank instrument trading platforms "Inside The Bank Program" is our Flag ship, offering transparency, high and steady returns with monthly payouts or a compound solution.

We assist you and help you set up your own bank account in a top ranking bank in London, from where the trading is done. For more information go to Investments, Trading Platforms above or Contacts and complete the form under Contact Usor contact one of our partners. You can find contact details for all of us under the Bank instrument trading platforms page! Alternatively write to info economic-consultants. All sorts of Bank Instruments available at favourable prices.

Trade Finance, very fast delivery and good quotations. Managed Bank Guarantee Program We offer full deposit protection. How to start the Process? About Lars Johan Myrtroen. Halys joins Economic Consultants! Fully Fledged Off Shore Bank. We have made an Agreement with a highly reputable private bank offering the following services to our clients: Time- Frame Account opening procedure takes business days. Premium account opening takes 2 business days.

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Our asset manager who has registered traders in key money centers around the world can execute on behalf of his clients various trade programs that offer returns that can only be understood by investors who are privy and knowledgeable about the working of these transactions.

This opportunity offers zero risk to clients or investors funds that remains in clients account and never leaves owners control. Our Platform in Switzerland is an active participant in buy sell opportunities and is an active cutting house for these bank debentures. We do not offer extensive public information on these programs as they are indeed private and cannot be solicited.

We have active programs that clients can get up and running in as little as 10 days. We do not believe in hype but actual performance history of our Platform. Our services broaden, if the Investor appreciate our away, Bass-Mint Management offers Investors the opportunity to constitute an important leverage of their investment, how it goes:. The funds are reserved via MT The funds are never at risk. The duration is between 10 to 40 weeks. Clients submit a complete compliance package with proof of funds.

Upon confirmation we receive the credit line from our bank and the trade or PPP will start. Clients have to submit the appropriate documentation: Color Copy of Passport. Copy of Banking Instrument. Authorization to Verify Cash or Assets. And to provide the clients a proposal that matches their individual ideas as closely as possible we need the following documents:.

Applicants or Investors have to submit the appropriate documentation: Account Statement not older than 3 days. Authorization to Verify Cash Funds or Assets. POA Power of Attorney. The process from investor's application up to the fund's placement may take up to 4 weeks, which requires close cooperation with the applicant. As we are working only with the investor, the documentation is to be sent to the compliance department of our platform directly from the applicant or investor principal owner of the funds to be invested; after having received qualified documentation, further instructions will follow.

Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures you a safe administrative and operational process of program implementation. The documentation has to be fully in place; otherwise the application cannot be considered.

Good trading programs are difficult to find, costly and time consuming to verify, quickly oversubscribed and frequently closed before interested investors can arrange the necessary funds. Literally dozens, perhaps hundreds of programs are offered annually. Many are non-existent repackaging of the same programs by different people or first time efforts that never get off the ground. In the market of PPP as an investor, you cannot lose your assets and capital. In history there was no case of loss of capital and assets of investors.

This process is completely safe, and could not cause any financial loss to you: ONLY clients co-operating, having their funds, clean and clear, unencumbered and free of any liens with AA rated prime banks in Western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore or USA are considered as qualified for getting invited for participating in a private placement program. Only the principal owner of funds is considered as signatory. The investor will act as the applicant and the platform will be the beneficiary.

The investments remain under the control and direction in the investor's account, guaranteed for the period of the contract with the platform. The contract period is in general one year — if not special programs - based on 40 or 44 weeks trading per year; returns are guaranteed by the contract and are variable with every program, also depending on the investment sum.

Extensions for a second year or more are possible. There are several reasons:. Only specialized back room departments of the bank are involved with these transactions. Most bank officials have no knowledge of them; knowledgeable banking officials are sworn to secrecy and would never divulge the existence of this market for fear of disturbing large depositors who would clamor for higher deposit yields.

PPP refers specifically to private placement trading programs with a high return on the investment associated with humanitarian project funding programs or Fed programs as compared to capital enhancement programs.

These programs provide the traders with fresh issues of MTNs or T-Bills that produce high profit margins. This is known as the first tier. In the commercial world this would be called the B2B wholesale market. Now we all know that end users usually do not have access to the prices offered in the wholesale market, so they buy goods in the convenience store and not direct from the producer.

Most of the time these programs require the investors to use a portion of their earnings for projects of humanitarian, social, or economic development in nature to make sure that part of these Profits are put back into the economy. Even after deducting the portion of earnings to be used for projects, the investor is still left with a very substantial profit for their own investments. Performing PPP programs are difficult to find and are not always available. Only a very restricted number of high-level traders or platforms can get access to these type of programs.

Many capable investors have been looking around for PPPs for years and are unable to find a performing provider. Genuine programs are without risk to the investor what so ever, as the credit line raised against the capital is underwritten by the trading group.

The Investor therefore is involved for the purpose of audit only, as it is by law that Financial institutions are not allowed to participate and therefore have to find a Private entity either a private person or company. The procedures to enter are simple and fairly standard, however the Audit Fund Provider will have to adhere to strict compliance and non-disclosure. Many claim to be next to traders, this is Traders are very busy people and have no time to sit down and have a chat.

Therefore they have a structure in place where the first contact is with a compliance officer or asset manager or a platform that will go through the submission papers and sort out the good from the nonsense.

Only a very limited number of high-level traders or platforms can execute such programs. Traders - very busy people and have no opportunity to negotiate with the huge number of brokers, investors and owners are often of dubious financial assets.

Therefore, they have the structure compliance officer or asset manager of the platform , which will study and conduct verification of the proposed papers. Authentic Private Placement Program without risk, designed exclusively for private investors companies or individuals , high-level, according to the law financial institutions banks, financial funds, etc. The procedures to enter the trade are simple and fairly standard, but the Control Provider Fund Audit Fund Provider will have to adhere to a strict agreement of all parties and non-disclosure.

If the investors have an opportunity and a desire to place funds in a private placement programs PPP , we can help. Under existing rules, the platform manager is negotiating exclusively with the investors; the transfer of assets in the management to the middlemen is prohibited. The contract between the platform and the investor is confidential; however, this does not exclude participation in the discussion and signing of qualified, experienced lawyer.

An investor should act with caution and should not try to save money on the services of the lawyer and the financial adviser, remember the proverb that "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap". Investors should also take all measures to further block their assets, to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders. This process is completely safe, and could not cause any financial loss to investors: Cash Proof of funds - statement of account.

Banking bill Banking Bill. The issuing bank should not be a resident of a country within the compiled International Group on Anti-Money Laundering FATF "blacklist" of countries that are not cooperating in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria.

Indonesia, the Philippines and the Cook Islands are excluded from the list, but more attention to them remains. It is not a "right. The trading administrators and managers have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. All things considered, the trading banks will favour the applicant with the best background, the best attitude and the best paperwork. Failure to provide full disclosure will summarily disqualify the disingenuous. Clients who have projects usually receive preferred treatment and the highest yields.

Until the platform or traders and trading banks accept the client, nothing shall happen. An arrogant or demanding personality will guarantee rejection. Corporations must empower an existing officer or director as sole and exclusive signatory also exclusive signatory on the bank account in which the funds reside , by Corporate Resolution. If not, the funds have to be moved to such a jurisdiction or a suitable bank in an acceptable venue must guarantee them with full responsibility.

Such papers are immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement bodies for immediate criminal prosecution 11 The practices, procedures and rules are determined by the Federal Reserve USA, Program Management or Platform, Licensed Traders and Trading Banks.

It is their decision as to whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yields, schedules, etc. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation of his contract, often with severe financial consequences. International Chamber of Commerce: Gasoline is not a single hydrocarbon, but may be a blend of several.

Low-grade heating oil is used in industrial and commercial burners. Our services broaden, if the Investor appreciate our away, Bass-Mint Management offers Investors the opportunity to constitute an important leverage of their investment, how it goes: The duration is between 10 to 40 weeks Procedures: You can click on the following links: And to provide the clients a proposal that matches their individual ideas as closely as possible we need the following documents: There are several reasons: No intermediaries are acceptable on this type of PPP operations For two main reasons 1: The Structure of business protocol can only be as follows: All articles and related documents are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content.

Upon reading the articles and information you hereby acknowledge this warning and Disclaimer. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice. Any reference to a specific trading strategy is only to assist in learning, and shall NEVER be relied upon when making future investment decisions.