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Original post from Nasdaq. Please, accept my congratulations as you and your company have earned a lot of awards and recognition in the forex industry. To me personally and binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform all our company this means that we are on target.

How does a person binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform such high payouts? What has helped the company gain a reputation as one of the most reliable binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform options broker?

What is behind the success of the company? The company is provided with Thomson Reuters quotes. I should mention that the quotes can be used not only at expires but also during the transaction time. This certification verifies data encoding, binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform of data storage on servers, existence of backup and absence of vulnerability.

All this grants the customers absolute security of financial transactions and protection against payment details leakage. IQ Option is also a broker that pays a great attention to security and protection of their investments.

How do you protect your clients and their means? On weekends, the company IQ Option provides traders a unique opportunity to carry out transactions on OTC instruments over the counter.

OTC transaction is made directly between two parties, without going public. That is why these transactions do not appear in any way on the other platforms. We try to be attractive to our clients, and to attract new ones.

We try to give awards every 3 months for our customers. For example, not long ago, we had one for traders and the best one can get the new iPhone 6. We have a wide range of assets. For persons trading during weekends we provide an access to over-the-counter assets OTC.

Binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform is more, our company provides 89 assets and the only plan is moving forward. You offer a huge range of different binary options. Does your client need to send you any docs for getting his benefits?

A client could be asked to send the scans of some binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform dealing with the holding operation. All the information can be sent via email. Our trading conditions can meet any demands. Everyone can choose and judge for himself. Expiry period of options varies from 30 seconds up to one week: So, you will not lose, only win.

You can start trading just with 10 dollars. Does such unusually low barrier for entry into a market make sense for IQ Option business?

Yes, of course, as we want to attract more people to trading and this gives them the possibility to try. Those who like it, can invest and start real trading. Customers who like our conditions stay on the platform increasing their investments; it is a great profit for the company.

It is clear that one cannot earn big money starting with such a small sum as 10 dollars. The main plus of our company is that we do not take any commissions for this action. But you should remember that it can be taken with the payment system. Besides the usual real accounts and VIP accounts, you provide traders with an opportunity to try on demo accounts. How important are those? It is very important and really a necessary thing. The main and important step is not only getting profit but also, to teach the beginners how to trade correctly.

On a demo, you trade and lose no money. Now, your different contests are very popular. Who can take part in them, and how? What are their terms and conditions?

Yes, indeed, the company holds tournaments between traders regularly. Every person who has invested and has his deposit can take part in it. We provide two types of tournaments: In free tournaments winners receive a bonus. In the second half ofwe held about free tournaments with average number of participants 1, people; and we held more than 20 paid tournaments with in each.

It lasted about minutes. However, sometimes we make paid super-tournaments which last for a month. And the award is much binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform. All is really good. The company has been developing and released a mobile IQ Option platform for the most popular operating systems: I must say without lying our platform is perhaps the best in its functionality, reliability and security. The mobile interface is almost the same as in web-version of the platform and in some points it is even better.

For example, in turbo options every single asset has its own background picture. Thus, our mobile platform gives an opportunity to analyze and place orders, while similar programs of other brokers only allow monitoring the market situation.

Our customers can trade anywhere in the world just they need the Internet. We do, we are interested in customers who can earn rather than lose. There is a special tab with educational material where beginners can learn simple and efficient binary options robot vs iqrobots mobile platform. Educational webinars are held weekly. We represent one of the fast progressing brokers in the world.

And finally — what the company is planning to do new in the ? What types of new services are you planning to create and promote? We try to get with the times and try to implement all new things on our platform. Our traders are the first ones who note and can try innovations. They are our main critics, and we take into account all their notes and proposals.

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Another huge plus is the IQ Option robots, which gives traders the ability to auto trade with their own custom built robots. A user friendly cutting-edge trading platform is further enhanced with a well designed IQ Option app, uniquely tailored for both Android and iOS.

Each of these features are covered in our IQ Option review, as well as other important elements such as withdrawal methods i. PayPal , minimum deposit, login information and tutorial videos. All the important facts a trader needs to know about their broker, plus whether or not IQ Option is a scam — and it is definitely not!

For all the details read our review below about the binary options broker IQ Option:. This binary trading platform is owned and managed by Alta Vista Trading Limited, a holding company based in the Seychelles. Their brand is well know in the binary trading community even though they were only established in mid , and they are seen as one of the most reliable and innovative brokers in the industry. They have won numerous awards with various industry reviewers and have a solid reputation, thereby disproving any claims that IQ Option is a scam.

In order to maintain user confidence and their reputation, the firm operates transparently, for example:. Demo Account — Running in parallel to the real money account, there are no time restrictions on the demo account.

Traders can take as long as they want to improve their skills, and IQ Option have such trust in their own trading platform that they are confident they will retain these traders. Hedging — IQ Option is very clear about when and how they will hedge their own positions.

IQ Option Support — Support includes live chat for quick resolution of complaints and are available in a range of languages. IQ Option developed their own customised trading platform, which has been further enhanced to version 4. It has been modelled after the more advanced platforms used by the spot forex trading industry, and the features and interface may therefore be different to what the majority of binary traders are accustomed to.

However, it is undeniably one of the most sophisticated trading platforms in the industry, especially the over the counter brokers. In addition to the stimulating user interface, traders can change the view of their chart with four different layout options:.

An impressive 18 different timescale intervals can be selected for the bar and candlestick charts. In addition multiple charts can be used, whereby trends can be confirmed over more than one time frame. Traders can plot their own trends on the live charts with the line drawing tool, one of many useful tools, while numerous technical analysis features have been added after the latest updates.

The IQ Option app provides a seamless user experience when moving from the bespoke trading platform to a mobile device. The Android app has been developed specifically for this operating system, and similarly the iOS app has been developed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, ensuring the best performance out of both devices. This is the attention to detail that IQ has become well known for. The buttons below will take you directly to the relevant App stores, where you can obtain the most up to date version of the IQ Option mobile trading app:.

Below is the IQ Option demo video, which fully demonstrates all the enhancements after the platform upgrade. The demo video shows how users can change the trading area according to their own preferences, how to add technical analysis overlays, how to check the same price chart over more than one timeframe and how all of these tools and functionalities can improve the trading results.

Although this is not an A-Z tutorial about using the platform, it does give some insight into the new trading platform and the user experience, demonstrating how different it is compared to other binary options platforms. Traders can trade in the 4 major asset classes such as commodities, equities, indices and forex. IQ Option consistently add underlying assets to the portfolio, and have even responded to user demand by adding Nintendo after the spike in trading interest generated by the Pokemon Go game release.

Their asset list is also quite comprehensive. IQ Option previously specialised in short term expiries, but have now even added to the range of expiry times. The trading choices available have never been more diverse. The IQ Option payouts offer very competitive rates in regards to return on investment.

Because their corporate entity is established in the Seychelles, they are under the jurisdiction of the newly formed Seychelles Financial Services Authority FSA. That is were the scope of operation lies, however the brand is operated by two different corporate entities from Alta Vista Trading Limited.

For more detail visit their website. In addition, this account can be run parallel to a real money account, allowing traders to try out new strategies without risking funds by simply changing into the demo account.

It is entirely risk free and is the most flexible account available. The combination of this unique demo account and a low minimum deposit, is a clear indication why this broker has grown so quickly. They are confident that they have the best trading platform, and know they will easily retain traders that have used it. The newest upheaval is their IQ Option Robot builder which is a new industry standard and has revolutionised the world of automated binary options trading. Automated binary options trading allows both demo and live account holders to not only choose from a library of user generated robots, but also to customise their own robot with the easy building tool.

This handy robot building wizard ensures you do not need to know how to write code, as it is very easy to use. This tool is a must-have if you want to automate your own strategy, or trade using top rated robots from other traders. The IQ Option Robot feature is an auto-trading product that has exceeded any other auto trading offering to date. This feature enables automatic trading by allowing members to build their own bots.

If you have a well defined strategy utilising the industry standard analysis indicators, you can set up the automated platform, save the file, and allow others to follow it. Should you not want to build your own, you can choose from over 29, robots already built. Just note that this is not copy trading as you are not copying other traders, but rather an automated algorithmic trading, provided by a respected broker. You would require an IQ Option account to use this feature, but the good news is that you can test your own robot using a demo account.

As a first choice you can choose between building your own, or using an existing bot. Should you choose to rather use an existing robot, by browsing the catalogue you can select different criteria, including the number of copiers, maximum draw-down, amount of profit both in dollars and as a percentage, the author and a variety of other factors.

Take note of the authors you like who has good robots, and then track any new robots that they write, as this may be the next gem. However should you prefer to compile your own robot, you can choose to use the Wizard or the Constructor:.

The Constructor is more for traders familiar with the system and wishes to write their own bespoke robots without using the Wizard.

For both, algorithms are set up by using a simple drag-and-drop feature and a flow chart. You will be provided with a variety of widely used indicators, specific rules for entry and risk management and the ability to adjust settings in accordance with your own strategy. To apply active Risk Management you are provided with 4 methods of controlling the amount used for each trade:. Martingale setting — This increases the trade size very quickly and may become very expensive, as the risk increases exponentially.

It is not recommended. Percent of Balance — A set percentage of your balance on each trade will be used and is a perfect setting for binary options, as good money management is the key to long term success. Reinvest Profit — With this approach the trade size declines as the profit is reinvested, because the profits on each trade are smaller than the trade amount. This is not the best choice, but also not the riskiest. Fixed Amount — This does not take advantage of adjusting the trade size to your account to ensure the risk vs reward changes are in line with your balance, but does offer a good level of risk management.

This is seen as the second best option. IQ Option have been proven as a reputable brand, and not a scam. To provide the best tools to traders, the IQ Option robot has been created, but there are dangers in using it that traders needs to be aware of. Once the robot has been automated it will run constantly regardless of what is happening in the news or other events. Users must make use of the risk management features which IQ includes — for example limiting the amount invested or stopping the robot after a certain number of losses.

This should also be done even when copying a profitable robot. IQ Option offers trading in numerous countries, and even provides support in multiple languages. In it was operating in countries, from only 18 countries in However due to local regulations and laws, trading in some countries is not possible. Other European trading hubs followed, for example Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. Poland and Turkey are other CySec protected nations that are seeing rapid growth.