Decimal to binary Conversion of a String in C

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This module performs conversions between Python values and C structs represented as Python strings. This can be used in handling binary data stored in files or from network connections, among other sources.

The module defines the following exception and functions: Return a string containing the values v1v2The arguments must match the values required by the format exactly.

The result is a tuple even if it contains exactly one item. The string must contain exactly the amount of data required by the format i. Format characters have the following c convert reg_binary to string the conversion between C and Python values should be obvious given their types: If a C int is smaller than a C longc convert reg_binary to string Python integer will be created instead. A format character may be preceded by an integral repeat count; e. Whitespace characters between formats are ignored; a count and its format must not contain whitespace though.

For the " s " format character, the count is interpreted as the size of the string, not a repeat count like for the other format characters; e.

For packing, the string is truncated or padded with null bytes as appropriate to make it fit. For unpacking, the resulting string always has exactly the specified number of bytes. As a special case, '0s' means a single, empty string while '0c' means 0 characters.

The " p " format character can be used to encode a Pascal string. The first byte is the length of the stored string, with the bytes of the string following. If count is given, it is used as the total number of bytes used, including the length byte. If the string passed in to pack is too long, the stored representation is truncated. If the string c convert reg_binary to string too short, padding is used to ensure that exactly enough bytes are used to satisfy the count.

For the " I " and " L " format characters, the return value is a Python long integer. For the " P " format character, the return value is a Python integer or long integer, depending on the size needed to hold a pointer when it has been cast to an integer type.

When packing pointer-sized values, Python integer or long integer objects may be used. For example, the Alpha and Merced processors use bit pointer values, meaning a Python long integer will be used to hold the pointer; other platforms use bit pointers and will use a Python integer. By default, C numbers are represented in the machine's native format and byte order, and properly aligned by skipping pad bytes if necessary according to the rules used by the C compiler.

Alternatively, the first c convert reg_binary to string of the format string can be used to indicate the byte order, size and alignment of the packed data, according to the following table: Native byte order is big-endian or little-endian, depending on the host system e. Native size and alignment are determined using the C compiler's sizeof expression. This is always combined with c convert reg_binary to string byte order.

Standard size and alignment are as follows: There is no way to indicate non-native byte order i. The " P " format character is only available for the native byte ordering selected as the default or with the " " byte order character.

The struct module does not interpret this as native ordering, so the " P " format is not available. Examples all using native byte order, size and alignment, on a big-endian machine: This only works when native size and alignment are in effect; standard size and alignment does not enforce any alignment.

Python Library Reference Previous: Packed binary storage of homogeneous c convert reg_binary to string. Packing and unpacking of XDR data.

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