Thomson Reuters FX volumes

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There is a paradigm change towards increased transparency in the currency market. CLS has just published the first true global foreign exchange Currency market trading volume volume database. Commercially available for the first time via Quandlthis database is the most accurate, most comprehensive and timeliest gauge of currency trading volume ever published.

This currency market trading volume explains why. FX is one of the hardest markets from which to profit. Currencies are incredibly volatile and masquerade as normally distributed only to pop violently in the wake of major market events.

Other currency market trading volume the infamous carry trade, which tempts traders with consistent, low volatility returns while leaving them short event risk, there are no risk premiums on offer from FX.

No inherent beta means investors work hard for profits while contending with the impact of intermittent interest rate moves from central banks. More than perhaps any other market in the world, currency markets are driven by positioning and liquidity and speculation. Furthermore, currency traders labor under a marked information disadvantage compared to their counterparts in the equity and fixed income worlds.

The entirely over-the-counter global forex market is vast, fragmented and opaque. There are no centralized exchanges where FX trades. As a result, while quoted currency prices are easily observable, executed currency volumes are not. Eight hourly spot volume USD billions in September by currency pair, with one line for each day in the month. This makes trading FX more difficult. Stock traders take volume data for granted and leverage it to the maximum. Price can reveal where the market is moving, but only volume can tell how significant the move is.

Trading with price but no volume data is like driving with a compass but no speedometer: Apart from trading, volume is also essential to judging market liquidity, transaction costs, and portfolio risk. Many strategies, portfolios and algorithms that price well on paper fail when volume is entered into the equation.

Currency traders have devised a number of mechanisms to cope with the scarcity of reliable FX volume data. Central banks and public companies are obliged to publish their holdings and activities, albeit with a lag.

Putting all these sources of information together, many currency traders have built their own currency volume datasets. This gives them unparalleled currency market trading volume into currency market trading volume actual executed currency market not just the quoted market ; a unique position that is reflected in their unique data.

This is a game-changer; the missing link. Now, for the first time, currency traders have access to the same spectrum of information, tools and techniques that stock and bond traders have long taken for granted.

Quandl has three databases on offer: The data is aggregated by hour and trade instrument spot, swap, outright forward for each currency pair. We are excited to see what innovations the markets can deliver, armed with this new currency volume data. Your email address will not be published. If you are interested in testing out this data, please click the link below.

Manufacturing bottlenecks continue to plague the Tesla Model 3. Yesterday, Tesla pushed the target back again, to Q2after a disappointing quarter for production. Quandl clients had early warning of this shortfall thanks to our model-level insurance policy dataset.

Read on for more details. That aggressive goal was subsequently scaled back substantially, to a seemingly more achievable One of the many interesting things about alternative data is how difficult it is to define.

Most people define it by what it is not: But very few are actually able to pinpoint what it actually is. The reason, I suspect, is that alternative data is a moving target. It comes from different currency market trading volume, takes different forms, and offers insights on different verticals.

For example, satellite imagery can predict oil inventories, currency market trading volume job listings can track company growth, and insurance records can track auto sales: This premier data event for investment professionals will help you currency market trading volume your finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving alternative data currency market trading volume. In addition to an action-packed, one-day program, ADC 18 will do more than just introduce you to new datasets; it will help you understand and address the challenges associated with meaningful adoption of alternative data.

Head over to our conference website for details or review our preliminary speaker list below CLSForeign Exchange. Currency market trading volume a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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