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Change Log Next Version unreleased - Version 1. Minor refactorings in Parser Issue MVStore background writer endless loop PR Reorganize date-time functions PR Add database versions to javadoc of TCP protocol versions and update dictionary. Update ASM from 6. Assorted changes PR Do not include db-upgrade-util 531 binary and images in client jar PR Do not db-upgrade-util 531 binary mvstore. DataUtils in client db-upgrade-util 531 binary and other db-upgrade-util 531 binary PR Improve documentation of compatibility modes and fix ssl URL description Issue More fixes for PgServer PR Move tests added in f1dbaadca13ab5bee98efc to a proper place PR Avoid incorrect reads in iterators of TransactionMap PR Optimize arguments for MVMap.

Fix building of documentation and use modern names of Java versions PR Assorted changes in documentation and db-upgrade-util 531 binary fix for current-time. Short syntax for SQL tests Issue Assorted changes in documentation PR Describe datetime fields in documentation PR Parse and treat fractional seconds precision as described in SQL standard Issue Assorted changes in db-upgrade-util 531 binary and documentation Issue Support derived column list syntax db-upgrade-util 531 binary table alias PR Nest joins only if required db-upgrade-util 531 binary fix some issues with complex joins PR Remove unused parameters from readJoin and readTableFilter Issue Convert duplicate anonymous classes in TableFilter to nested for reuse PR Update JTS to version 1.

Assorted changes in help. Parse more variants of timestamps with time zones PR Assorted minor changes in Parser PR Update documentation of date-time types and clean up related code a bit PR Fix two-phase commit in MVStore Issue Wrong test Resources db-upgrade-util 531 binary in pom.

Fix building of documentation PR Assorted date-time related changes PR Test out of memory PR Improve date-time related parts of documentation PR TestOutOfMemory stability Issue Convert constraint type into enum PR Avoid resource leak PR Improve test stability PR Read known fields directly in DateTimeUtils.

TestTools should not leave testing thread in interrupted state PR Fix some compiler warnings PR Fixes for remaining issues with boolean parameters Use enum for file lock method PR Parse also 1 as true and 0 as false in Utils. Fix count of completed statements PR TIME values should be in range 0: Implement setBytes and setString with offset and len PR Use result db-upgrade-util 531 binary ArrayList.

Sort db-upgrade-util 531 binary in generated jars PR Change return type of Value. Inherit classpath from parent process PR Update lists of keywords PR Add Bits implementation for Java 9 and later versions PR Hardcoded port numbers should not be used in unit tests PR Close JavaFileManager after use. Leftover shared lock after release PR Locks left behind after commit PR Reduce code duplication PR Fix building of documentation and zip PR Do not copy result of DataUtils.

Make use of try-with-resources statement Issue Add row deletion confirmation to web console PR Assorted minor optimizations PR Improve the look of error messages in web console PR Allocate less amount of garbage PR Use predefined charsets instead of names where possible PR Fix some build checks in sources Issue Copyright years in sources Issue Add support of java. Instant V2 Db-upgrade-util 531 binary Grammar documentation change PR Fixes in tests Issue Assorted minor changes Issue Better getObject error message PR SecureRandom is already synchronized PR TestFunctions db-upgrade-util 531 binary english dependent Issue Year changing from negative to a positive Outdated java version mentioned on http: Support more types in getObject Issue Make it possible to create a cluster without using temporary files.

Support for full text search in multithreaded mode Issue Allow explicit paths on Windows without drive letter Issue Table synonym support Issue Rollback and delayed meta save. Handling of timestamp literals. Fixes the missing file tree. Prepare statement with regexp will not db-upgrade-util 531 binary parameter after metadata change PR Add DB2 timestamp format compatibility Version 1.

Added API for handling custom data types System property "h2. Added support for invisible columns. This could result in inefficient cache usage. Various multi-threading fixes and optimisations to the "nioMemLZF" filesystem.

Fix some Turkish locale bugs around uppercasing. Add a test case to ensure that spatial index is used with and order by command by Fortin N. Fix multi-threaded mode insert exception "Unique index or primary key violation", test case by Anatolii K.

PRHandle LocalTime with nanosecond resolution, patch by katzyn. PRRun tests on Travis, patch by marschall.

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