Deutsche Bank upgrades Relx as selloff creates buying opportunity

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Deutsche Bank in association with Sharekhan Ltd bring to you db TradePro, a unique platform for trading in shares online. Click here for a list of supporting documents required for starting a db TradePro Relationship. A facility that allows deutsche bank stockbroker to trade in multiples of the amount in your online trading account. This trading limit depends on the money balance in your online trading account and the scrip margin. You can check deutsche bank stockbroker trading limit and scrip margin online at www.

Trade using this feature and transfer your fund obligation to Deutsche bank stockbroker on or before the settlement day. Now avail of trading limits to make new stock purchases, against approved stocks earmarked in favour with Sharekhan. This facility is available only during market hours. The fund obligation needs to deutsche bank stockbroker fulfilled within settlement day.

This feature from Sharekhan allows you to sell scrips not present in your Demat Account at the time of placing the short sell request. A short deutsche bank stockbroker transaction can either be squared off intra-day or converted into a delivery deutsche bank stockbroker. Now sell shares on the very next day of purchasing them. Sale is done from purchase made on earlier trading day.

You will not have to wait till the time you receive the delivery from the Exchange thus deutsche bank stockbroker your liquidity. Suitable for retail investors who are risk averse, invest long-term and do not trade frequently.

Non-individual entities need to apply for db OnlineBanking transaction access before applying for an online trading account. Entities with only view access cannot apply for online trading. Use db DirectDebit to transfer funds to Sharekhan securely for purchasing securities. With the introduction of db TradePro, selling securities online is no more a hassle.

Your Demat Account enables you to view as well as sell securities easily. After hour orders allowed between Sharekhan offers two customised options designed deutsche bank stockbroker Deutsche Bank customers. Demat charges are given below. These deutsche bank stockbroker will be charged by the bank on your Deutsche bank stockbroker Account.

Under this plan, you can do trades at a discounted tariff by paying an upfront lump sum brokerage amount. Brokerage payable for trades done in the future will deutsche bank stockbroker adjusted from this upfront lump sum deutsche bank stockbroker amount.

If you do not wish to pay an upfront lump sum brokerage, you can opt for this plan. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment.

No worries for refund as the money remains in investor's account. Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat account. Update your Mobile Number with your Depository Participant. Issued in the deutsche bank stockbroker of investors. All decisions to purchase or sell securities shall be made by the customers on the basis of their deutsche bank stockbroker independent judgement. Investment in securities is subject to market risks and value of the securities can go up or down depending on the various factors and deutsche bank stockbroker affecting the capital and money markets.

Yield or securities past performance should not be considered as an indication or guarantee of future yield or results. The Bank no deposit bonus forex account 2017 dubai not be responsible or liable for and is not related in any deutsche bank stockbroker whatsoever with the operation of the broking account or any related services by Sharekhan.

This invitation is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the client registration form and the website. Sitemap Print Search Apply Now. Deutsche Bank customers will be eligible for low brokerage rates between 0. Advanced and relevant stock research from Sharekhan will help you make informed investment decisions. Buy or sell even 1 share: Now trade without any minimum trade value. Sharekhan allows you to buy or sell even one share. Place after market hour orders: Immediate confirmation of order: To-the-second update on your orders helps you manage transactions that much more easily.

Experience deutsche bank stockbroker online trading with maximum security that conform to our global standards. Keep track of the value of actual purchases on an upto-the-second basis. Personalized price and account alerts: Now stay connected even if you are not online.

Prompt and dedicated Customer Service: Instant credit against sale: Get instant credit for executed sale transactions in your Online Trading account with Sharekhan.

Trading with exposure A facility that allows you to trade in multiples of the amount in your online trading account. DP to margin facility Now avail of trading limits to make new stock purchases, against approved stocks earmarked in favour with Sharekhan. Short-selling This feature from Sharekhan allows you to sell scrips not present in your Demat Account at the time of placing the short sell request.

Selling against Deutsche bank stockbroker Now sell shares on the very next day of purchasing them. Type of accounts We understand that different people have different needs. Sharekhan Classic Account Platform. Sharekhan Fast Trade Account Platinum. In addition to all benefits deutsche bank stockbroker a Classic Account, here you receive updated information in the form of streaming quotes from Sharekhan, without refreshing the screen. Suitable for retail investors who are risk averse, invest long-term but trade more often.

It is an internet based software that can accessed anywhere from an internet enabled computer. Sharekhan Trade Tiger Account Platform. Suitable for active traders providing them various advanced tools for share trading like charts, graphs and user defined alert settings. It is an EXE based software installed in your computer by Sharekhan and acts as your personal Desktop Terminal to access the stock market.

Who can open an Online Trading account? Following customers are eligible to open an Online Trading account: Buying and Selling Buying securities. Login into db Deutsche bank stockbroker and check your available fund balance. You will be deutsche bank stockbroker to www. Once on Sharekhan login page, enter your trading Login ID and password. After you confirm the order details, your request will be submitted to the stock exchange and you can view the execution status of your orders online, as and when they are executed.

Pre-requisites for purchase of securities in Equity Segment: Adequate free available fund balance in active Savings Account. Active Demat Account and Sharekhan online banking account.

All payout request placed after 1: Login into db OnlineBanking. Pre-requisites for sale of securities: Adequate free available scrip balance in active Demat Account.

Active Savings Acount and Sharekhan online banking account. All scrips which have been blocked in favour of Sharekhan but have not been traded during market hours on any deutsche bank stockbroker trading day, will be unblocked from your Demat Account. Alternatively you can also place a request on the Sharekhan deutsche bank stockbroker to unblock the desired non-transacted securities. Brokerage tariffs by Sharekhan Sharekhan offers two customised options designed for Deutsche Bank customers.

Demat charges Demat charges are given below. Key highlights of this plan: Pay as low as 0. Nil Brokerage on Delivery trades 0. Futures segment second leg-next day 0. Options segment second leg-same day Nil Brokerage: Minimum delivery brokerage as low as 5 paisa. Brokerage on square-off trades as low as 0. Account opening charges Rs. Brokerage on Delivery trades.

Brokerage on square-off trades first leg. Brokerage on square-off trades second leg. Minimum square-off trade Brokerage. Brokerage on Futures segment first leg. Brokerage on Futures segment second leg - same day.

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