Must-Read Tips for Your First Week with Baby

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We'll help you through the first crazy days. Before giving birth to my daughter, Lena, I thought I was equipped for our first week home together. After all, I'd assembled the cribwashed the tiny clothes, stocked up on diapers, and hung the pink butterfly curtains in the nursery. Looking back now, I think: How could E trade baby burp have been so naive?

Sure, I'd e trade baby burp the necessary prep work e trade baby burp my baby's arrival. But all that stuff is fluff when it comes to making it through the maiden days of motherhood. That's when you need to master new skills that you e trade baby burp prepare for or practice until your baby arrives, like breastfeeding, soothing a crying child, surviving on no sleep, and tackling other areas of uncharted territory.

To help you ease into your first week, we've asked experts and moms who've been there how to handle the most common challenges. Yes, your newborn will snooze as much as 20 hours a day, but it won't be in long stretches -- think one- to four-hour spurts. If you're like me, and you can sleep just about anytime and anywhere, then by all means, sleep when the baby sleeps.

What if you're not wired for naps? Then enlist help, stat. E trade baby burp your hubby keep the baby in the living room while you get some much needed zzzs and tell him to bring the baby to you only when it's time to nurse. Don't worry about spoiling your newborn -- it's not possible.

Instead, re-create the sensations of the womb, which can trigger a calming reflex in your newborn, Dr. To do this, he recommends swaddling, swaying, shushing, holding your baby on her side, and letting her suck on your finger.

Experiment to see what works for your baby. It happens naturally, right? Make plans to see a lactation expert ASAP post-delivery -- before a problem arises -- and ask her to come to your house to help you get the hang of nursing there. She came back several times until I had the confidence to feel like, E trade baby burp can do this now. You're going to be bound to a couch, rocker, or bed while your baby eats, so get as comfortable as possible.

It can be tricky to include Dad right off the bat, particularly if he doesn't have time off from work or Mom is nursing. Ask Dad to dive right in. Another way to get Dad on board: Leave the room while he's mastering a new task so he won't feel judged, and he'll be forced to figure it out for himself.

E trade baby burp the last thing I wanted to do was discourage his efforts! Relax and take it slow. Because you'll want to work around the umbilical cord the faster it dries, the sooner it will fall offa sponge bath is the way to go at this stage. Plus, if your baby has been circumcised, you'll need to wait for the area to heal before completely submerging it in water.

Gather the supplies and have them within arm's reach -- this way you can have one hand on the baby at all times. Then place him on a towel and gently wash the areas that need cleaning with a warm washcloth and baby bath wash. What you're going through is normal, even if no one clued you in beforehand to the gory details. In e trade baby burp, your body bounces back and you'll regain your strength. But while you're healing, designate a family member to take care of you -- or at least to make sure you don't overexert yourself.

Between lack of sleep, physical discomfort, and plummeting hormones, even the most excited new mommy can feel overwhelmed. Decide what's most important to you -- say, learning how to breastfeed, sleeping, and cuddling your baby -- and focus on those things.

Then let everything else go for a while. Give yourself license to let the house get dirty. Also key to staying sane: Even though I was tired, I got up, brushed my teeth, and went for a short drive or a walk," Malin says. Get ready for all colors of the rainbow. The first poop, meconium, is black, tarry gunk. As your baby eats more or your milk comes inher feces will change from brown to green to a mustardy yellow. But don't expect solid stool. A good indication that baby is eating enough?

By day four, she's wetting four to eight diapers a day, pooping three to six times a day, and starting to gain weight. If you see red in the stool, contact your doctor. This could be blood.

Call, too, about colorless stool, which could indicate an underlying e trade baby burp. You've got the essentials for baby swaddling blankets, diapers, and layettebut what about you? Here are items you'll want to have on hand. Staying hydrated is key, but e trade baby burp probably won't have the energy to go to the kitchen for a drink. Park your jug by your side.

Make yourself comfy with body pillows, doughnut pillows which can ease pressure on a sore tailboneor regular pillows to prop and cushion as needed. You will need them to keep your energy up. After birth you can expect blood flow from the uterus for several weeks. See the next slide for more essential items.

Find this mini, shallow bath for your perineal area and rear at drugstores. Soaking for 15 minutes or so relieves the pain of stitches or hemorrhoids. This astringent decreases swelling and pain e trade baby burp the perineum and alleviates hemorrhoids.

Add it to your sitz bath or line your sanitary napkin with it. For cool relief, put witch-hazel-soaked pads in the fridge. If sitz baths don't appeal to you, fill this handheld squirt bottle e trade baby burp water to gently clean the perineal area. A must for sore and cracked nipples. To ease the pain of engorged breasts, fill two newborn diapers with water and freeze them. Then stick the cool, cup-sized diapers in your nursing bra between feedings for 20 minutes.

Originally published in the May issue of American Baby magazine. Sleep Deprivation Yes, your newborn will snooze as much as 20 hours a day, but it won't be in long stretches -- think one- to four-hour spurts. Breastfeeding E trade baby burp happens naturally, right? Getting Daddy Involved It can be tricky to include Dad right off the bat, particularly if he doesn't have time off from work or Mom is nursing.

The First Bath "The saying 'slippery when wet' applies here -- many new parents are very nervous when giving that first bath," Dr. Recovering from Labor "I was totally unprepared for how much pain I was in after birth and how tired I was," Malin says. Staying Sane Between lack of sleep, physical discomfort, and plummeting hormones, even the most excited new mommy can feel overwhelmed. The Dish on Dirty Diapers Get ready for all colors of the rainbow.

First Week Survival Package You've got the essentials for baby e trade baby burp blankets, diapers, and layettebut what about you? Understanding Your Baby's Quirks. Routines for a Happy Baby.

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