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You might wish to stop this action people are getting upset, does little good vs me but I know who you are trying to hurt with this. Manipulation of prices violates you're "GSC" license by the way You might wish to tell your new creative programmer to stop with the BS, its very obvious. You make enough off people like VorteXz wtf are you doing with this?

I am king of the A-Holes I have to admit. I don't like what you have done and have abused you beyond the norm ok so I will lay off and offer a olive branch to not abuse you since you came clean on the other nick. Lanner is not a fraud by the way he is just really really stupid. I do not think you had anything to do with VorteXz collapse, really that was just bad timing Statistically it was just a matter of time.

Which as you can see is a waste of time with such an individual. Honestly the shady things I have heard from others about him as well just shows you what Karma does imo. He still is technically sound and seemed to have a great deal of passion for trading. Almost 30 martingale trades on a single expiry? Just because he had a bad streak previously.

Are there no limits Signal Push will institute for providers that obviously in VorteXz case have no business trading for others??? You should really look at some advanced features to protect clients with what he has shown you as an absolute FLAW. Such as if the average number of trades are a day and the trader spikes in X-period of time say 2x above his normal trading or an extreme on the number of trades in a single expiry.

Its complete BS what he is doing. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: March edited June in Complaints. Provided to me by Bryan lol We cannot comment on quotes displayed on other sites.

The Company is required to take a number of factors into account in the calculation of mid prices and we pay due consideration to the market price for the underlying reference product to which your trade contract relates.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. March edited March I know exchange rates inside and out up and down and know how far apart or close they can be. Let me be very very clear if they continue the videos will start coming out next lol. Then its show business baby you can't argue with the truth because its the truth and the truth does not care how you spin it.

It is what it is. Well F-Me you are from Austin Texas! Gee I wonder who the F is from there??? Since I know its now Signal Push, I have to ask myself some questions, such as are you working for Markets World on the side now, hmmmm. Interesting timing of that OFFER you had for signing up in the next 24 hours right before VorteXz exploded blowing many markets world accounts.

All interesting coincidences huh Funny how with you there seems to be many I will post it under 50 different names showing what a true D-Bag you are You're right, I am Ryan from SignalPush. I have no reason to deny that and I'm not trying to. I use this same username on BOD. Just to clear up, the offer SP sent out was a pure coincidence to the timing of Vortexz and we gave a full refund including our fees for anyone who signed up during that 24hr period and didn't wish to continue with his service.

We are truly sorry for this timing. I don't know why you feel the need to attack me all of the time. Whether you believe it or not, I'm on the side of the traders, and yes I am one myself. I trade binaries, forex, futures, and options. That said, sure, I'll defend the platforms themselves as well at times when I feel like they are getting unjustified attacks. Now, that doesn't mean that I agree with what they do and I think they are on the right side but sometimes people want to attack without looking at all of the facts.

For instance, people complain about "spread" in binary without thinking about the fact that other markets also have this. FX brokers will throw a spread on during times of news or low volatility, much like these platforms do.

Even when you think about it, the "expiry" of a SpotFX trade can be manipulated by increasing the spread around when a trader may wish to exit their position. Some shady FX brokers will play games, fortunately that's a more regulated space so if caught, they can be fined. If a trader wants to trade in this cut throat industry binarythey need to know the proper ways to collect information to present to the platform and if it's not addressed, present it to the public so they can be aware.

The one thing that you and many others know is that these platforms will deny price manipulation inside and out and they will point out every single flaw in someones complaint. Just tighten up your story and it's bound to get you further with getting them or anyone else to forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu up their act. I've ALWAYS recommended that traders video record all of their trades, showing both the platform and the charts they are trading off of two chart providers if possible.

It only takes a few seconds to do and in the event that there is a disputable trade, videos have always gotten me refunded. We also recommend forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu all of our providers to record their trades and if they have a disputable trade, we'll assist them in taking it to the platform and getting them AND all of the affected customers a refund and profit if due.

In fact, Cambridge was the last provider who came to us with a disputable trade and we got all of his customers refunded with the profit! Before I commented on your original post, I had a conversation with the head of development at Marketsworld and I had it out with him and told him I don't agree with platforms who "make up" their own prices and it ended with him saying "I'll pass it along". My goal was to try and see their thoughts and see what would be said to anyone who took what you posted to them.

My comments were my take on it. You were looking at the wrong asset, you were using chart that don't show the same type mark of price, etc. In fact, in my post I also said what I think these platforms should be doing differently. I would LOVE to just see a platform show the raw price and stop killing the feed when their risk parameters feel it's best to protect their forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu.

I DO understand their need to protect their business or they won't be around tomorrow but I don't understand why they can't do it in legitimate ways and if they play games too much, they won't be around tomorrow either as people will become aware of it. I hope for more competition in the trade copier space in the future though. I will give respect to anybody who earns it forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu good deeds so you know.

If a broker treats customers fairly or a site selling a product does the same well I know many people who for some reason like me even forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu I am a complete and utter jerk to them including Bryan who I think wears women's clothing during the day while trading. I support him, hang out in his rooom helping traders and recommending him as a mentor for others simply because he does a good job and is fair to others.

I will do the same for any broker or other wise if they are above board You have few providers that are much better traders example Mr. Misses Pips slow steady solid trading even Vic is trying to turn it around. Point is providers like that disrupt the good ones that deserve the business from subs and creates bad blood from having their accounts wiped by 1 idiot who can't control their emotions. So they curse you and that customer from the bad experience is lost for good We're in a very hard position with providers who have those large drawdowns like he does.

In one hand we want to just take them off our service, in the other hand we can't take them off unless they are forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu scamming, breaking our provider contract, or have given us a technical reason to remove them. Vortexz just happens to be one of those providers who is high risk. He has very high peaks and valleys if you plot his performance.

Other services like ours in the other industries like forex also have some providers who are the same way. For some, they want to make a quick buck and so they are willing to play the high profit as long as they can in hopes they can get out before the high drawdown happens.

Now Vic, I have no idea what happened there. I understand a losing streak, as it can happen to anyone, but her losing forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu was completely outside of her normal trading.

She never trades that much. So how can we help protect users better? For one, we're going to implement a technical restriction that providers performance will have to adhere to otherwise the trades will be blocked. We can do this because the technical restriction we can say is to make sure our servers are properly configured to handle the load, with the added benefit of making sure customers are better protected.

We are also going find a way to be able to tell if a provider is on a demo or live account and display that on their profile. Additionally, we're working to add additional statistics to the providers profiles that will show how big of a drawdown they've had. We hope with these added technical restrictions and additional pieces of statistics will allow customers to stay safe and make better informed provider decisions.

We value your input, as well as our customers. Anyone who has any ideas as to how we can improve our service, can always email us at support signalpush. Thanks for the idea I will show multiple brokers prices to get an average as you are correct they can be a bit off from one to the other but when three show a down move and Markets World shows side ways to up in pricing lol Well unless you are a complete retard that can't tell the difference between up or down ticks.

Remember I know how far prices on MW can be off on average, what I am seeing is far far beyond that norm LotzofBotz and SignalPush getting along! So this is what it is like to visit Bizarro world I guess but then I am probably a fine one to talk given our recent updates.

Anyway I do think it is great to see you guys having such an intelligent conversation and personally I learned something new about MW here. I think it would be helpful if MW pointed clients to at least one or some of the feeds that they are aggregating data from as has been suggested.

I am collecting plenty of evidence of them doing this through video and will not only submit it to the regulation body but as well seek to have Markets World removed from this site if they do not Forex humor forex and binary options trading profitf website for forex binary options traders helpfu these constant games Hey lotz, With so many of these brokers being shady, do you have a favorite broker that is proving to be trustworthy?

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