Highchart datetime axis formatting

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HighchartsPHP is a PHP library that works has a wrapper for the Highchart js library and it was built having in mind flexibility and maintainability. Just create a composer. You can create a highchart or highstock chart using one of the three highcharts setoptions global useutc false engine available jQuery, mootools, and prototype highcharts setoptions global useutc false, using the Highchart constructor. To get all the script necessary to render your chart you can use the printScripts method:.

And finally to render the chart object use the render method: The first optional argument passed to render method is the var name to be used by JavaScript and the second optional argument is the callback to be passed to the Highcharts. Its also possible to render the chart options only by calling the renderOptions method. If one of the chart options must be a JavaScript expression, you can't assign a simple string to it, otherwise it will be printed as a simple JavaScript string also.

For that you must use the special HighchartJsExpr object:. To include this extra script and any script inside the extra key in config. If you need to render a small portion highcharts setoptions global useutc false options, you can use the HighchartOptionRenderer:: A good example of this can be found at clock demo.

There are cases where a configuration is not created only for a chart, but for all the charts on the page lang and global are examples of this. To set a general option, just create a new HighchartOption not chart and send it to Highchart:: You create a new HighchartOption object, use it has if it was a chart and then call Highchart:: By default HighchartsPHP library comes with configurations to work out of the box.

In highcharts setoptions global useutc false you need to change some of this values you should use the setConfigurations method:. All the Highchart and Highstock live demos present on highcharts.

You can find the source code on the github page and see them working live on the demos section. You can run the unit tests with the following command:

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If the timezone option is specified, it creates a default getTimezoneOffset function that looks up the specified timezone in moment. A custom Date class for advanced date handling. JDate can be hooked in to handle Jalali dates. Path to the pattern image required by VML browsers in order to draw radial gradients. A callback to return the time zone offset for a given datetime.

It takes the timestamp in terms of milliseconds since January 1 , and returns the timezone offset in minutes. This provides a hook for drawing time based charts in specific time zones using their local DST crossover dates, with the help of external libraries. The timezone offset in minutes. Use this to display UTC based data in a predefined time zone. All rights reserved to original authors.

These options, like the lang options, must be set using the Highcharts. Whether to use UTC time for axis scaling, tickmark placement and time display in Highcharts. Local time can be used when the data is loaded in real time or when correct Daylight Saving Time transitions are required. True by default - the starting point which is at False - the starting point which is at Canvg rendering for Android 2.

Use the libURL option to configure exporting. The URL to the additional file to lazy load for Android 2. To avoid hotlinking to our site, you can install canvas-tools. Properties Date property nonatomic, readwrite id Date.