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The advantage of the IB Gateway is it does not have the overhead of showing a quote page or trade platform.

Drag the Gateway icon to the desktop so there is a desktop link named IB Gateway. Interactive brokers chart traders Ensign Windows, run Gateway and manually connect.

Ensign Windows will find Gateway running and connect to it to receive the feed from Interactive Brokers. Ensign 10 can run IB Gateway and accomplish the login process. Note in the above example that the Reconnect time has been blanked out which is appropriate since Gateway remains running and does not need to be rerun by Ensign each day. Then enter your Username and Password. You must change the port setting that Gateway listens on for Ensign to connect to it.

IB users that upgrade the TWS may experience connectivity problems. The upgrade has unchecked a setting in the TWS global configuration that is important for the Ensign connection. Why does my second chart from IB have less volume than the same chart in Ensign?

When I refresh the Ensign chart from IB, the volume difference is corrected. The higher volume bars in Ensign should be interactive brokers chart traders to be more correct than the IB chart, and here is why.

IB is a sampled feed, meaning they do not send all ticks. Ticks NOT sent, because it is a sampled feed, are totally ignored. Then they match, Ensign uses the tick volume value. These inserted interactive brokers chart traders with the missing tick volume are the source of the larger volume values shown in Ensign compared to IB.

Thus the refreshed result looks more like the IB chart. Then in Ensign, on the connection form for the Interactive Brokers interactive brokers chart traders, enter a time for Ensign to rerun TWS that is 1 minute later than the auto logoff time. It installs with the TWS. How do I change the time when TWS does its daily shut down? Use the TWS Configure button to edit the time for the shut down.

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To use the IB trading service, you need an account with them. Go to the Interactive Brokers website and open an account with them if you do not already have one. It is highly recommended that you use the stand alone TWS software.

Not the browser based TWS. Also make sure the port is and that a Trusted IP Address is set to If it is not, then press the Create button and enter Click here to learn how to configure Ticker Note. Trades are time stamped using your computers clock. Please, make sure that clock settings will not be changed while running WinTrend. IB may limit the number of symbols you can receive data on at the same time. This limit may be increased based on your trading volume.

If you try to get charts for more than the allowed symbols, then those charts will not update. Once you exceed the limit you need to reduce the number of charts you have open to the allowed number of symbols.

There are two ways you can do it: Continue with step number 2 on the Getting Started documentation page. WinTrend software will automatically connect to TWS client in the following scenarious: When running multiple TWS instances you should note that WinTrend will be conntected to the instance that is listening on the port setup in steps numbers 3 and 4 above. Interactive Brokers, a global electronic brokerage firm, provides professional traders, financial advisors, brokers and institutions low cost execution and clearing services for stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds.

Commissions are as follows: The IB Universal Account allows customers to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds on over 50 market centers in 14 countries from a single account. This service provides the WinTrend software with data for historical and intraday charts, continuously updating real-time quotes, and trading capability for all types of markets around the world. However, their data is FREE and real-time. They provide data from all types of markets from around the world. Interactive Brokers is very popular.

However, their historical data platform is not the most solid. Historical data access can be problematic at times. We just ask that you do not judge WinTrend based upon this data feed if you are a new user of WinTrend. Newer versions of WinTrend use a user adjustable delay between historical data requests to minimize what is known as a "pacing violation" from IB.

It is important to understand this and take advantage of this to avoid missing historical data. You also need to be aware that this slows the speed at which historical data can be downloaded. If you are having a problem connecting to the IB data feed, then be sure to follow step number 3 below.