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Now you can bet on Stock Indices such as the DAX30 and the Nasdaq without having a fortune in your bank account and without the high risk and complexity that is normally associated with products such as binary options and CFDs. BetOnFinance is the first in the world to offer Stock Online commodity trading and broker forex trade forex11 games based on financial pool betting.

With pool betting, the more people who bet, the bigger the jackpot becomes meaning the prize pool can be huge if there is one latin america binary and betting markets full overview of them here! winner. Hence, all player profits are tax free at least within the EU. BetOnFinance is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority as well as by the Danish Gambling Authority, ensuring a very high quality and a trustworthy experience.

You bet on how much the index will go up or down within 0. The index games can either be played for the first Half Day or as a Live game. The Halfday game is open for betting up latin america binary and betting markets full overview of them here! 15 minutes before the market opens and the Live game is open half way into the trading day.

By enabling betting before the market is open it is possible for players to profit on expected market moves, if you know where the market is heading. This is not possible with binary options, where you can not trade before the market is open and hence you miss out on the first market moves.

For example, if you expect the Nasdaq Index to go up by somewhere between 0. If you are right then you would make a profit. All the games offered by BetOnFinance are based on pool betting, similar to what you find when you bet on horse racing.

In pool betting you bet against the other latin america binary and betting markets full overview of them here! and not against the house. In pool betting, odds are floating until the pool is closed for further bets.

Odds are calculated realtime based on the total amount of bets on each outcome. This can sometimes lead to extremely high odds for outcomes that only a few players has bet on. The vision of BetOnFinance is to make financial markets accessible for the man on the street the guy who does not yet have adequate financial savings to invest in the real financial markets. As opposed to CFDs or Binary options, financial pool betting is a good way to get familiar with how the financial markets work, and there are plenty of opportunities to win large amounts of money, but with a lower risk profile.

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