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Trade coins are coins minted by a government, but not necessarily legal tender within the territory of the issuing country. These quasi bullion coins in rarer cases small change were thus actually export goods - that is, bullion in the form of coinsused to bulk buy important goods from other countries, where they could be bought at a favourable price, compared to the purchasing power of the same amount of bullion within the trade coins' country of origin.

One of the most famous trade coins of the 18th century is the Austrian Maria Theresa thaler. Although datedit has been money trade coin wikipedia continuously well into the 20th century in several countries.

It is still produced in Austria for sale to collectors. It was so highly regarded in Africa that its purchasing power for goods and raw materials was higher there than in Austria. A distinction must be drawn between full value bullion money trade coin wikipedia coins, that were used in ordinary peacetime trade on the one hand, and on the other hand debased coins, that were usually made with the intention to deceive.

Such debased "trade coins" were occasionally minted during times of war, e. If these were ever accepted or approved as legal tender, they would be valued far below the regular coins, their value being calculated according to a specified formula. The conversion rates were even then usually significantly below the intrinsic value of the coins, to cover costs of melting and recoinage etc.

In preparation for the slow transition to the gold standard in England between andin trade with the Prussians England preferred 5 and 10 thaler gold pieces Friedrich d'or in exchange for quality goods.

The Friedrich d'or thus became a trade coin, while it was also current in Prussia itself although with a decreasing exchange rate against the silver Reichstalersee bimetallism. The Hungarian and Dutch gold ducatsminted for centuries with a stable fineness, were esteemed trade coins.

These countries mostly had a currency based on the silver standard or even a paper money trade coin wikipedia, and domestically set the value of silver too high even though the world market price of silver had long been lower.

Since the s there have been hardly any true trade coins, money trade coin wikipedia some are still traded by coin collectors with money trade coin wikipedia premium. Their role has now been taken over by paper or electronic United States dollars as a world currency.

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