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The combination of SP and DB also provides for dynamic runtime configuration. This plugin architecture is similar, in concept, to the plugin architecture found in the Apache web server. The SP connects to a central database to: JDBC drivers for various databases are found at: And finally, the SQL map must be provided with a data source, which contains configuration data for the particular database connections the SP will nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing.

The SP is certified for the following databases: Configuring Database Access In order for the SP to operate correctly, you have to initialize the database and configure the data source bean.

This file contains the SQL script that is used to initialize the appropriate database tables. Also, the sample file that comes with the SP distribution contains examples of configured data nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing for all the certified databases. In the following sections, we will walk through the configuration steps for all the certified databases Oracle Use your favorite administration tool to create the atomicmq database and nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing the tables via the … file.

In the … file, configure the Oracle data source as follows. Finally, reference this bean from dataSource property of the sqlMap bean. However, if you wish to initialize it on your own, here are the steps. Assuming that your Derby server is properly installed, do the following: Starting After completing all the previous steps, you are ready to start the broker. Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory Communications link failure Last packet sent to the server was 1 ms ago.

During its lifetime, the SP attempts to connect to the database during these events: During its startup as described above 2. Whenever a client connects to the broker 3. When it is time to refresh its access control lists. More on this in the next section. The example SP bean definition and subsequent table below lists all the properties, their default values, and a brief description. SQL Maps will be nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing, in detail, in the following section.

This property specifies the frequency at which the SP will connect to the database in order to refresh its in-memory ACLs. Then during runtime, it will connect nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing the database to refresh the ACLs at the frequency specified by this property. The default is once every 60 seconds. You may want to override the default value nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing to how often access control information will change for your particular environment.

As we have seen in nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing example configuration, the Nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing Map is configured using the following bean definition file: It is common that this file be located in the folder of your ActiveMQ distribution. The content of this and the related configuration files are described in the following section.

They are explained in detail in section Configuring database access Configuration file The default SQL Map configuration file looks like this … This is a typical example of the iBatis SQL Map configuration file, which defines how we will nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing namespaces for maps defined in different resources Authentication and Authorization in this casea type handler that converts between Java booleans and database char type see database scheme in section 4, Authorizationand finally includes two resources: The following sections will describe these two resources.

Authentication Resource The authentication resource configures mapping of relational database data to the class. This class contains basic information about users clients wanting to connect to the ActiveMQ broker username, password, status and groups it belongs to. In the following listing you can find a default configuration used by this plugin: These are used to map database rows to user and authority group Java beans. Also, the getUser query specifies how to retrieve user data. Authorization Resource Similar to the authentication resource, the authorization resource defines mappings between relational database and the class that holds ACL entries.

The following is a default configuration for the authorization resource. If the search is successful, the plugin will check the supplied password against the one stored in the database. If they match, the user is authenticated; else the connection request is disallowed. The User class instance also contains a set of groups a user belongs to. Every time an ActiveMQ client connects to the broker, the SP will query the database to authenticate the client.

The following listing contains a database scheme used for authentication purposes and several test data sets. The plugin uses the AuthorizationMap obtained from the database to determine if the user belongs to a group that has been granted the appropriate permission to perform the given operation. The following listing contains a database scheme used for authorization purposes and several test data. Similar to the following example: Also, the particular name of a destination does not matter, because the SP will use a similar configuration to control access to all temporary destinations.

Finally, you can have multiple temporary configuration entries, but only the last one picked up by SP will be valid. Therefore, we advise that you have only one such entry. Wildcards The SP suppports destination name wildcards, which are an ActiveMQ-specific convenience mechanism used to refer to multiple nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing within a destination name hierarchy.

Suppose your client is publishing price messages from a stock exchange feed. Or it could use wildcards to define hierarchical pattern matches to the destinations to subscribe from.

The above configuration is not set up to work within a secure environment. That is, Camel establishes a connection with ActiveMQ, but does not provide a username and password.

Therefore, when ActiveMQ security is enabled, the above configuration results in a security exception. The exception will be thrown multiple times, because Camel will continue to retry the connection. If you are using Camel, consult the Camel web site for information on how to configure Camel to establish ActiveMQ connections that provide a username and password.

In other words, BrokerA has a element, but no elements. The MBean also accepts the following commands. When the plugin is disabled, authentication and authorization services are no longer active and the plugin stops checking the database for authorization updates.

Please note that authorization is dependent on authentication being nasdaq trading volume by brokerbing. Remember me Forgot password?

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