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A Gossamer Threads company. Mailing List Archive GT. You're all over thinking this was: I don't know all that much about commercial VOIP service or GPS, but it seems to me I've o2 genion mobile option trading read lots and lots of messages citing weird cases where locating a VOIP phone won't work well as evidence that the whole idea is a failure, while none of those cases appear to have much to do with the problem that people have been trying to solve.

The end result of this is that a bunch of people who have loudly written the problem off as impossible then start loudly complaining that those working on the problem didn't ask them how to do it.

The basic problem, if I understand correctly, is o2 genion mobile option trading For the last several years, anybody picking up phone installed in a reasonably standard way and calling could expect that if weren't able to explain where they were, the police would show up anyway. It was hard to see this as espionage or as a civil liberties violation -- the wire goes where the wire goes. Now we've got competition among providers of wire line residential phone service, and the competitors are mostly VOIP companies who provide their service over the users' cable modems.

Since this service is being marketed as equivalent to regular home phone service, and used that way by lots o2 genion mobile option trading its customers, it seems reasonable to expect that calling from it would work the same way. There's a minor problem -- the VOIP carrier often doesn't provide the wire, and thus doesn't know where the wire goes -- but that seems easy enough to get around. The simplest way to do it would be to ask two questions when the service gets installed: Is it going to be used in a fixed location, and if so, where?

Asking the same questions again whenever the o2 genion mobile option trading address changes should o2 genion mobile option trading this reasonably up to date.

There are, of course, other ways to do this, which might also work. Requiring the cable or DSL providers to map IP addresses to installed locations would presumably also work, although with many more layers of complexity to go through to have useful information accompany a phone call. Anyhow, I'm sure if we leave those questions to those who have to o2 genion mobile option trading it, they'll figure out something that doesn't require too much completely extraneous work on their parts.

There are, of course, VOIP installations where this won't work. Owen maybe isn't quite unique in his bizarre scenario of trying to hide his location by using his wi-fi phone via repeaters from two counties away from the base station. But these scenarios aren't at all relevant to the problem at hand. If I need urgent help in a hotel room in a foreign country, I'll grab the hotel phone and call somebody local rather than trying to patch a o2 genion mobile option trading through to the US via my computer.

And if Owen were to die because he deliberately hid his location when calling and the ambulance couldn't find him, it would be hard to argue that it would be anybody's fault but Owen's. At some point it makes sense to solve the problems you can solve, rather than inventing new ones. Yes, this ignores the cell phone issue, which seems rather different because they're almost always portable.

It's already had years of work put into it, and doesn't need to be reinvented here. However, the tough problems are always the ones o2 genion mobile option trading never thought of before you started building the system. Therefore, it helps to try to come up with as many scenarios as you can, and try to find the various weaknesses in the system.

You might decide to not try to do anything to fix them, o2 genion mobile option trading you should at least be aware of them. Yes, the cost of the EV-DO flat rate is high, but a few short duration long distance calls per month could very easily exceed the monthly rate you'd pay.

And in times of trouble, people frequently grab the device they're most familiar with, and not necessarily the right one for the job at hand. But in the case of the EV-DO softphone, things get nastier.

And I can see companies deciding to go with a dedicated EV-DO softphone, to save on overall expenses. Given that there are UK telephone numbers startingthis seems rather unlikely.

Even hermits have them: On Thu, 21 Jul Sadly Oftel were never known for their ability to understand o2 genion mobile option trading argument within the technical arena A current, and related, problem is the introduction of emergency SMS messaging from cellphones You're all over thinking this [ In reply to ].

If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager. This footnote confirms that this email message has been swept for the presence of computer viruses and is believed to be clean.

On 20 Julat This isn't my experience at all, although obviously it's possible that the very few occasions I've had to test this have just been localised inability to implement the arrangement you describe. Emergency services are obtained by dialling in New Zealand, for the record, just to make your list a little more complete.

The physical act of dialling in New Zealand on a rotary phone was the same as dialling in O2 genion mobile option trading, however, since the dials in each country were numbered in opposite directions; a New Zealand "1" and an English "9" were both sent as nine pulses.

Not that any of this has much to do with network operations. My experience is that the mobile network operators in Europe and the USA GSM anyway are lumping all of these together, so that no matter which you dial, you get the emergency service they connect you to. They added to the list of "special" numbers, with a many-to-one mapping of number to service. The emergency number is required by the GSM spec to work at all times, no matter o2 genion mobile option trading.

The requirement was probably included to satisfy european regulatory authorities who actively participated in the standardisation work in ETSI at the time. There doesn't seem to be any evidence that calls to from mobiles were any more prone to failure o2 genion mobile option trading those from landlines. It's part of the deal. But a land line?

If I pick up an analog phone anywhere, I expect a dial tone, and local calling. Say, another 2 bucks a month. What's the opex of a single residential phone line? How much does it cost to have a live copper pair, and how much does it cost to connect said copper to the PSTN?

Could local telcos offer nothing but emergency local dialing? Say,hospitals, sheriff's office? Or maybe just local dialing, with a "by the minute" rate to discourage use?

Set the ATA to fail over to the analog line if it loses power. This solves the "babysitter" problem, too: Austin Steve Gibbard wrote: I think it is quite a bit o2 genion mobile option trading expect very high reliability even from land lines during and immediately following a hurricane. In fact, the odds may not be bad that your cellular service could be restored before your land line. Your cell phone is OK.

Your land line is OK We just opened a new gateway in Florida, partly due to demand for emergency services support during hurricane season. Although I'd rather not slide into the discussion about how works for us. Your best bet for reliability is diversity. If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.

If you have received this e-mail in error, please contact postmaster globalstar. Of course, you have issues with satellite phones too. Cost is one such issue. Please correct me if necessary! Another, potentially worse, problem occurs if you don't have line of sight to the bird I assume that BT expect to recover some of the loss through call charges or other services.

Who would decide which numbers go onto the list. It's not really worthless, as that's what the broadband comes in on for pretty much every UK broadband user.

It seems that the status quo in the UK already gives you pretty much what you want. I guess that's why, wearing my end-user hat, I've seen absolutely no effort going on to make work over VoIP. I think UK users of VoIP still view it as a way of getting dirt cheap voice minutes by avoiding BT's call rates, rather than as a replacement phone line.

In that vein, would you expect, say, MCI and all the tinpot long-distance carriers to concern themselves with ? I believe I'll have another drink. They did go bankrupt, but were bought and still do operate.

Of course, Globalstar went bankrupt and was o2 genion mobile option trading too. The new ownership has been expanding the Globalstar business new ground gateways, buying existing gateways from external service providers, planning launches to replenish the constellation, o2 genion mobile option trading. I don't think new-Iridium has plans to replenish.

Both are big on gov't and corporate customers, but Globalstar is much more popular with smaller customers and consumers. I'm not impartial, but both services have pros and cons depending on your needs.

But I believe the real thing that kept Iridium going was some of their DoD customers i. Like so many things, price depends on the volume you buy, http: There are also other special plans not mentioned including "emergency use only" plans. Although many of those are individually arranged when large gov't or private agencies make bulk purchaces of equipment and services. Then only the cost of pre-paid minutes for the years after that. Trees could potentially cause a problem, but not o2 genion mobile option trading the situation you describe.

There are typically multiple satellites o2 genion mobile option trading view at any given time, and they are mo-o-oving by.

A stand of trees off in one direction probably is not a problem. OTOH, standing under solid rain forest canopy may or may not present problems. Again, an overview from the website, http:

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