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Hey everyone, some of you might remember a few years ago my project Pokemon Essentials: The kit was buggy and hard to implement into existing projects.

I decided to complete the project but in terms of plug and play scripts which add only necessary online functions such as trading and battling.

The scripts included have the following basic features implemented: Register Login Trade Battle These scripts are beta, bugs are to be expected, if you encounter one, please report it Download Beta 2 http: Certain items used in battle do not sync their animations, such as the throwing of pokeballs Future Plans Get some better graphics for the trade screen, they're very ugly. I'm no graphics designer, anyone want to do some? Add wait message in battle system when waiting for other player to choose Add a proper request system when requesting trade and battle, the current one is a very poor implementation although it works Optimise and streamline trade, battle and server code Add debugging to server, was present in original RMX-OS code but didn't add it when I rewrote the server line by line Thanks Blizzard - big thanks to him for all online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive work on RMX-OS, without it, none of this would have been possible.

Server based off his code. Maruno - advice on how I can implement the battle system Luka S. J - inspiration Misc By the way, I recommend using the script found here: It will allow you to run two clients at the same time which will make testing a lot easier.

And another heads up. The battle system has 0 modifications to the actual scene so if I'm online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive my cards right, your game's battle graphics will be used even in the online scene. Hit me up for feature requests and I'll see what I can do. Bugs fixed in the next version None so far Donations I don't accept donations but if you wish to support me then please send some money towards the Children of Syria appeal here: I come from Lebanon and the country is deteriorating under the huge pressure ofSyrian refugees.

If you do choose to donate, PM me here with a screenshot of your donation, it will really make my day. Great you back with online project, and those features man, it is so great. I hope it will be bigger: I've tested it and I've got a bug and a suggestion: Then a message will appear in the selected player asking for the trade or the battle. Anyways the system looks very good, I would like a lot to use this feature into my game.

The bug is something I thought I fixed. I'll have online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive look at it again. Your suggestion is exactly what I want to implement, my only problem is I'm not sure yet how to handle the receiving of requests.

Do I put them in a list and you can choose which request you respond to? How do I handle requests that have died, how do I notify the player that they have received a new request?

All these things are what made me implement requests as they are now. And please feel free to use it in your game, remember to credit Blizzard: So I looked at that bug and for some reason the fix isn't there. I must have modified one of my backups instead of my working directory by accident, it will be fixed in the next version, cheers! A player cannot be requested by other players if he is already being requested. I don't know what will be easier to online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive for do, I'm just giving some ideas.

I really thought this would generate more interest Anyway an update for you guys who are following. Tomorrow I will be releasing beta 2 which fixes some bugs and includes online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive management such as changing password, forgot password etc. Along with this I will be offering a service to people who want to implement PE: O in their games but don't want to have their computer running all the time for the server.

I have the server running on a webhost online and it works perfectly. Please PM if you would like me to run a server instance for your game and we can organise something.

I will be working on an administration panel for you to be able to manage your server. Well I think it's a pretty cool feature!

Here's hoping the beta 2 release goes well. Contains bug fixes and account management features. Beta 3 planned features: Nice seeing you back Alexandre, I am glad to see that you are working on this project again and I will be keeping an eye on this for sure! Online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive My Gosh you have no idea how wonderful this is to me. I've spent countless days online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive to take apart old Pokemon Essentials Online to adapt it with my game and now my hours off work Anyway the real point of online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive post was to point out a few bugs I noticed online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive testing: Nothing major, it can be fixed by leaving the login and then reconnecting to the server.

After a trade the game online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive force a save I'm going to look in to the code and see if I can't add that in myself So if one person saves and the other person doesn't the pokemon is cloned and not traded. Again nothing big just pointing it out. I must say great work on your system, unfortunately I can't seem to get the mysql server working though. I get an error along the lines of 'Table storage engine for '' doesn't have this option' and if I try to run main.

That error is normal when importing the database, not quite sure what causes it. Are you sure you entered the correct details for the MySQL server in main. Hmm, positive the details are correct, followed the guide to the letter. And you're perfectly able to connect with HeidiSQL or another online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive manager?

For the few people following this, I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently. I just started university again and I'm busy with some other commitments. I don't have anything to release apart from some bug fixes which don't warrant a new beta.

Please do keep submitting feature requests and bug reports, I will get to them eventually. I feel you, I am working on a MapleStory project in a different forum and I cannot update as quick as I want to because of school. Are savegames stored in the mysql database like rmx-os or are they stored locally? I was thinking of storing them on the server but that would force people to be connected to the internet to play. I guess I could have it so you can upload and download your save to the server.

Would there be a way to have all these files off a website so I wouldn't need online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive use my computer? There's several reasons why I can't use my computer, My dad wouldn't even consider letting me port forward, he frequently shuts off the wifi, executing the SQL in HeidiSQL gave several errors, and after running Main.

I followed the instructions word for word. Please let me know which errors appeared so I can help you. It does this every time I press the blue play button. Not knowing if the above was supposed to happen, I tried Main. Those warnings are normal, not sure what is causing them.

The server isnt starting because it can't connect to the SMTP server. Make sure your SMTP settings are correct. And with regard to hosting the server online, it is very possible to do. I can host one for you if you like and give you the IP and port for you to put in your client. I can't do that now though, I'm very busy. I'm about to test it now on my game, although if you could still tell me how to host it on my website, that'd be great.

Also, if it is possible to host this on a website, would it be possible for some sort of GTS, where you "upload" your pokemon for everyone to see, and you choose what you'd like in return for that pokemon? I just battled myself by using 2 windows, and the two windows had 2 different things happening, I won on both screens The battle system can't tell which is which because there is no unique identifier for them.

This happens when you battle yourself and you have the same pokemon against each other. I tried again with two different saves that had different players and different pokemon, and it worked this time, the "bag" button opens the pokemon screen, and the "pokemon" button opens the bag screen.

When you press X, it exits out of the server menu and when you try to log back in, it says the account is already logged into. There is no saving before logging in, after trading, or after battling, which could result in multiplication of pokemon, although I'm sure it's a simple fix. The music isn't battle music, it's the music of whatever building you're in.

To battle or trade, you had to type the other person's name on both screens, there was no popup sending a request, only one saying you accepted eachother's requests. Since I was in debug mode I could hold ctrl and press "run" and treat it as a win, therefor both screens were online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive. It logs you out after a trade, then when you try to relog it says you're already logged in. I've got some suggestions as well: Adding a configurable music for the server menu Maybe making it have more than one scene for pokecenter second floor use Although this is just aesthetics and isn't really necessary A GTS Battle music Popups for trade and battle requests, or like an inbox system to keep track of them A configurable music for trades Make it keep your login after a trade Pressing X on the main screen logs you out some sort of wifi plaza http: Multiple game support, IE if someone were to make two separate games that would be able to connect, but would have different player sprites.

An online pokemon storage system. Thank you for this amazing multiplayer system: I found some ways to fix the music, and the battle menu. It's not perfect, I looked around a bit, and couldn't online trades in pokemon zeta all inclusive any code that would remember the song that was playing in the map you were originally in as well as the spot in the song it was at, or a script that would start that song after closing the menu, if anyone does know of a way to do that in code, please let me know.

I tried making music play during the trades but putting code in both "Trade" and "PokemonTrading"did not work.

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You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread on the topic of online functions in Pokemon Fan Games. Are appreciated to be discussed here in this thread! Yes, some Fanmade Pokemon Games have online functionality i. Online functions are really fun--the problem is, at least for all the fangames I know of, is that not enough people are ever online at once to have something like a "wonder trade" function work properly--though I have seen GTS systems that have been promising for sure.

Yeah, i'd actually like to try online battling in Pokemon Uranium which was kinda recently added GTS works well in a lot of games too. I think one of the only reasons that more fangames don't have as many online features as, say, Uranium has, is because it's difficult to not only set up but also then maintain a safe server that can handle all the transactions The servers were working great for months and then some jerk had to de-encrypt the game, hijack other peoples' online IDs and flood the WonderTrade with illegitimate Pokemon that brick peoples' save files when they receive them JV is working on a patch -- it'll be ready in just a few days -- that will make WT and GTS safe to use again, and also hopefully fix the issues with PvP too.

I suppose we needed that kind of unfriendly reminder to readjust and tighten our security measures People will always be looking for ways to exploit Pokemon games though. We just hope to be able to screen out malicious users who are actively trying to do harm Now that we included our GTS, people can trade to complete their PokeDex, battle with one another in real-time, face challenging opponents on the VT, and more.

We plan to release even more features that will improve the online features, like ranked PvP, Peer-to-Peer trading, and a BP rewards system. When I say "we" JV coded the entire system singlehandedly, so that's a lot of work for one person! Fangames have been really pushing the boundaries lately which is a good thing. I never expected things like online battling and trading to be implemented so early. Shows how skilled the fan game community is.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pss system and a co operative mode in Phoenix Rising. If complex and time consuming things like that are possible. Somethings I would like to see in fangames is the sinnoh underground. It isn't as popular or well received as secret bases but its a good feature imo. Others would be the battle tower WiFi room and the WiFi club.