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We moved off University and continued to trade, but went for the more risky traded online trading account hsbc a share derivative and to cut a long story short lost all our profits in one FTSE call trade FTSE went down: Been online trading account hsbc about trading shares on and off for years, but never got around to it, few weeks back decided to start trading UK shares again and the simplest way to get back into share trading was activate an investment account with HSBC.

I use HSBC online banking and have quite a bit of money with HSBC so no need to transfer any money to activate an investment account and the process was all online, though did have to wait a few days for the account to be active. I have to login to HSBC Online Banking, which requires entering my secret question followed by using their online trading account hsbc little pin confirmation thing. Go to my online banking account, click the Investdirect account link to get access to the trading tools.

For security purposes we have logged you out. Bought my second shares. IFL shares at To break even I need to sell my IFL shares for around The spread is wider for these penny shares, where the spread on RBS is around 0. Think I prefer the much higher risk penny shares. IFL shares that cost me Been tracking various penny shares and news that would have a FTSE share jumping in under an hour takes days with penny shares. Gives smaller investors an opportunity to get in early.

I made the decision to buy more International Ferro Metals Limited shares one hour after this was published: If the price remains at Was hoping for the best for you on IFL as I read through this… but then jumped on to google and saw it at 0. Sorry for your loss. RBS in the meantime seems to have gone upto to 4 mid to come back to 3 now.

Just read this article! Generally speaking not a good idea to throw good money after bad, better to draw a line under a bad investment and move on rather than worry about trying to make it up.

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can online trading account hsbc subscribe without commenting. Recently started trading shares again and currently using an HSBC share trading account. Share Trading Risks We moved off University and continued to trade, but went for the more risky online trading account hsbc options a share derivative and to cut a long story short lost all our profits in one FTSE call trade FTSE went down: So my decision to use HSBC was convenience or what others might call laziness: This means you have to load your research each time you login!

RBS Bought my second shares.

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