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OK, we all know that Facebook is a social networking powerhouse, with more than 1. With all those engaged users, it makes sense that understanding how to use Facebook for business is a smart growth strategy. By establishing a Facebook Page for your company — complete with your logoa memorable description of your business, and a cover image that represents the products or services you offer — you can begin to cultivate relationships with current and potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

For businesses, Facebook provides a robust platform for sharing information about products and services, company updates, live videos option 1 garage facebook, special offers or discounts, and messages to establish credibility.

Ready to get started? For example, for a Local Business or Place, enter:. Add a descriptive blurb about your business to tell people what your Page is about. You option 1 garage facebook find the proper image dimensions here. Add your new Facebook Page to your Favorites so it will be easily accessible from your home page. If applicable, Facebook will display a list of Pages it deems similar to yours and ask you to claim them. Option 1 garage facebook avoid duplicate pages, which are confusing to users and draw attention away from your main Page.

You will become the admin of any Pages you claim option 1 garage facebook you can merge them for easier management. Just click Settings at the top of your Page. From Generalclick Page Visibility. Finally, click Save Changes. Invite your friends to Like your page. Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite.

Invite your customers to Like your Page. You can upload their email addresses or import their contacts. Have a GoDaddy GoCentral website? Keep coming up with fun ideas to engage and entice customers and prospects. When something changes — like the addition of a new employee or product — post about it. Your customers are going to take notice.

For more insight into how to use Facebook to grow your business, check out these related articles:. Also published on Medium. William White on Unsplash.

How to use Facebook for your business For businesses, Facebook provides a robust platform for sharing information about products and services, company updates, live videosspecial offers or discounts, and messages to establish credibility. Create a Facebook account.

Start a Facebook Page. Pick a Page type. Just choose the right page type for your business to get started for free. Enter your business information. For example, for a Local Business or Place, enter: Page Name — likely the name of your business.

Page Category — perhaps your type of business [e. Upload a profile picture. Add a cover photo and other finishing option 1 garage facebook. Add the following elements to finish option 1 garage facebook your new Page: Cover photo — This is the big image at the top of option 1 garage facebook page, so make it count. Anchor your landscape designs with focal points like statuary and water features. Want to learn about layering your flowerbeds? Get all the details on our website at www.

Share your Page Invite your friends to Like your page. Remember to Include a link to your Facebook Page on your website.

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