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The last update was on Stock Symbol The underlying stock that the specific option was sold against. Open Option trade tracking spreadsheet Open Date is the date that the specific option contract was sold. Exp Date Exp date is the date that the specific option contract is scheduled to end. Keep in mind, not all contracts go to their expiration date. A buyer of a covered call may choose to take the stocks early.

Also, as an options seller, I may choose to close the contract early. Call or Put This field indicates option trade tracking spreadsheet I sold a covered call or cash secured put. Stock Price DOC This field shows the underlying stock price at the time of the specific option contract sale. DTE Date to Expiration. The number of days remaining in the options contract.

Current Stock Pric e This field shows option trade tracking spreadsheet current stock price of the underlying stock. My actual option trade tracking spreadsheet spreadsheet is set to update every 5 minutes.

Break Even Price This field shows the dollar amount of option trade tracking spreadsheet underlying stock that equals my breakeven price. Strike Price Strike Price is the price that I agreed to either buy or sell the underlying stock at. Premium Premium is option trade tracking spreadsheet price I am paid for selling a call or put.

Options work in share increments. A premium is the price paid before fees. I typically sell just one contract. PUT Cash Reserve This filed shows the amount of money that I need to hold in my broker account to sell the option contract. If I did, I could sell options with less up front money. For example, I own shares of Philip Morris.

I sell one covered call shares. My cost basis can be one of two numbers, either the cost of shares at the contract strike price or the cost basis of my shares. I choose to use my cost basis. I use my cost basis at a per share price. Fees Fees are all fees I must pay to buy or sell an option trade tracking spreadsheet contract. Exit Price This is the premium I pay to close a contract. Close Date If I choose to close an option, this field lists the date I closed the contract.

Losses are shown in this tab if I paid more to close a contract than it was sold for. Days Held The actual number of days a contract was held.

If this field is empty, a contract is still open or expired. Status Status can be one of four terms open, close, assigned, early assignment.

Open and close are pretty self explanatory. Option trade tracking spreadsheet is a contract that I let expire in the money. This means I allowed shares to be sold from my account, or I chose to buy shares. Early Assignment is when the buyer of a covered call decides to take the stock early.

This can happen at any price, either above or below the strike price. It makes sense in some cases above the strike price.

Collecting dividends or cashing out on gains option trade tracking spreadsheet two popular reasons for early assignment. Early assignment costs me money. Disclaimer I'm not a financial planner. I have no professional training in the financial space.

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