how to buy and sell shares using smartphones! sharekhan [हिन्दी]

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I tried to convince them at least to give an option to trade in such securities even with higher options as many like me find good value in such securities, but of no avail.

Are you or any other current users bugged by the same issue? Have you evaluated any other worthy options? ICICI charges are high with zero RM support at lease in my case and not willing to reduce brokerage and I am not keen to pay heavy money as pre paid as am not a day trader.

Angel is offering 10 paisa and 1 paisa to me and am satisfy with platform. Sharekhan is also good but expensive than Angel. But recently I opened account with Zerodha based on some recommendations I received. Zerodha offers zero brokerage on cash delivery transactions. Thanks for your feedback. How long have you been holding this account with them?

Which trading softwares Angel is offering for Desktop, Web and Mobile versions and back office reporting? Could you please explain more - 10 paisa and 1 paisa for what? I have just opened the trading and demat account with them.

Their desktop application PI looks good. Though I have not done much of transactions yet. So too early to comment on experience. They do support cash delivery transactions provided we have demat account also with them. For cash delivery transactions the brokerage is nil. The desktop application PI and the older online interface trade.

I have been with Zerodha for more than a year now and mostly use their desktop trading version which is Pi. I have seldom used Kite, their web version. Pi provides a neat interface for me to trade buy and hold and very rarely selling and has some charting as well. You could write scripts and back test it too.

With reference to back office, the web version of Q. It also provides analytics based on time, market trends and holdings breakdown based on sectors. I list the scrips which I deal with on the marketwatch screen. It will be tricky if you have too many scrips to deal with. I too have been using icicidirect and hate their pricing. Jokes apart, I can understand your frustration on not being able to trade certain stocks. On call and trade, I could, but had to pay much higher transaction charges.

I have in the meantime, tried composite edge, and given it up. I had two problems with Composite Edge. One, it had a very crufty back office. My accounts people had a real hard time figuring out the trades and so on. Worse, they did not allow me automatic collateral against securities in my beneficiary account, which SAS Online does.

It is only Rs. Even if your order is worth 10 crores, your brokerage will be only Rs. If you are a frequent trader like me, you can also opt for a Rs. If you are a trader, who uses Amibroker signals, then a trading bridge is a good idea, which can automatically place orders for you.

I tried Symphony, which has a tie up with Composite edge, but found it difficult to use, and quite expensive. So I have developed my own trading bridge, which can take Amibroker signals and place orders on Nest within 4 seconds. Pls see the brokerage plan attached, which I got it reduced to 10 Paisa and 1 Paisa for Cash Delivery and Intra day respectively. I have escalated my case to Hub Head and National Head Service Quality but sign the same song which is not customer friendly.

On the other had I found Angel is really customer friendly and taking pain in resolving my parents dormat demant account with out any vested intrest for me…really impressive. Thanks Brajesh Angel Brokerage.

Believe you guys have accounts with Angel Broking. And how many days is it valid for? ICICI allows to place this order with a validity of 45 days. But I have completely stopped trading with them due to the ridiculous brokerage.

Also have an account with Zerodha. Excellent features and now 0 brokerage charges only on delivery. I have an account with RKSV. VTC option would be awesome in such choppy markets!! Any pointers, which good brokers have it? Yes I know about AMO orders. This could mean putting in a AMO order every single day for months or more till the time the trigger price is reached. Hello Gurus, I am fed up my broker kotak, the problem is that many stocks that i own have had open offers and i want to do more of special situations, however with kotak i have to do it offline by myself.

Is there a broker when i can do it online? Waiting for your feedback. Thanks and Regards Sudheendra. Hi sudhe09 , Thanks for your feedback. Hi brajeshrawat , Which trading softwares Angel is offering for Desktop, Web and Mobile versions and back office reporting?

Hi I have just opened the trading and demat account with them. Hi Aksh, I have been with Zerodha for more than a year now and mostly use their desktop trading version which is Pi. You can see Angel demo on the following links - http: Can anyone share a good broker for IPO funding account. How is their service? Can it fulfill all my above 3 requirements.

Does they provide margin funding? Do they offer VTC option? For zerodha its zero. Correct me if I am wrong. Does they provide margin funding some websites say they dont. ValuePickr Research Resources Basics.