6 skilled trades that can pay more than $75,000 (and even $200,000)

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The popular trades in canada year has been good for the Canadian economy, with virtually all sectors reporting a positive trend and adding a modest popular trades in canada of new jobs. After experiencing a rough year the year before, which saw tanking oil prices and several large scale natural disasters such as the Fort McMurray fires impact the Canadian economy, everything is trending up in We've compiled data, crunched numbers, and surveyed employers from coast to coast to determine where Canadian jobs are headed in Find out what the best careers will be in your industry, and what skills will help drive your career forward.

Tech continues to be one of Canada's best job sectors, rapidly adding new jobs for developers and analysts of all kinds. Coding skills are particularly in demand in Despite concerns that office workers would be rendered obsolete by technology, the opposite appears to be true. Admin staff are as in demand as ever. Inexpect to see administrative jobs require more tech skills and knowledge of basic accounting functions. After a sluggishthe manufacturing industry rebounded inand things are looking up for Inexpect to see manufacturing jobs more focused on skilled trade skills such as welding and machining, versus general labour.

With Canada's popular trades in canada industry booming, logistics has followed suit. With products being churned out, logistics workers are needed to get them from factories and warehouses into the hands of customers. Expect to see this field grow inas eCommerce sales grow at a steady rate.

The engineering sector is one of Canada's fastest growing fields. With manufacturing and construction on the upswing, engineers are needed to design products and infrastructure. Intechnology continues to be a key component popular trades in canada engineering jobs. Experts in CAD software will have plenty of jobs to choose from. Canada's economy and financial job opportunities rebounded inafter experiencing a rough In this sector, like many others, technology is a driving factor in Data and analytics in particular are influencing how companies handle their financials.

Over the last popular trades in canada years we've being seeing sales and marketing jobs become closely intertwined with technology.

That trend continues in Tech skills like knowledge of customer relationship management software, search engine optimization and various components of digital marketing being the most in-demand. Inone of the biggest trends we're seeing is increased importance placed on employee development and training. Today's workers expect their employers to help them navigate their careers and teach them new popular trades in canada that popular trades in canada help them progress in their careers.

HR must facilitate these needs. Despite concerns that customer service jobs would be outsourced and rendered obsolete by technology, the sector is still going strong in and shows no sign of slowing. However, we are seeing a trend toward more tech-oriented roles such as tech support. This site uses cookies. Click here for more information. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The email field is required. The password field is required.

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What will the most in-demand jobs in Canada be this year? It seems that most of them will be in the mining, oil and health industries. And be sure to check out the version and version of this list. That means that there are countless opportunities for welders, assemblers, machinists, industrial painters and mechanics. Office Manager Average Salary: The most in-demand of these jobs are focused around accounting practices such as payroll or accounts administration. Experts in demand in this sector not only include engineers, hydrologists and technicians but also environmental scientists, ecologists and biologists.

In fact, one of the jobs that has the highest number of openings is cleaning. These include chefs as well as restaurant and food service managers who can find opportunities across Canada.

These include jobs for criminal defence and corporate lawyers. However, cities like Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal with strong business sectors will be good places to look for finance jobs too. Accountants top the list of in-demand professionals in the field. In addition, transit drivers are in demand to keep the public transport system running smoothly. Logistics Manager Average Salary: They include warehouse workers, forklift operators, order clerks, materials handlers and logistics and warehouse managers.

Most opportunities are concentrated in Central and Western Canada. Structural Engineer Average Salary: With so many people nearing retirement in a field that already experiences labour shortages, young engineers, from construction to mining, will find plenty of opportunities not only to land a good job but also to quickly advance through the ranks.

High School Teacher Average Salary: These include jobs for skilled teachers, counsellors and education services managers. Marketing analysts who can make sense of market-related data and come up with good business strategies continue to be in demand, especially in business centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

One of the most in-demand tech jobs is that of information security analyst because businesses want to protect their data and find creative solutions to prevent security breaches. Recruiters are in demand because several industries experience labour shortages and need someone who can help them find talented workers.

These fields are growing as societal pressures increase. Most jobs are found in the public sector. As with most health care jobs, the public sector is the largest employer of registered nurses. Most of these jobs are found in the public sector. Plus, for the latest Canadian career info, don't miss this year's list of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada in Think Your Commute is Bad? These 10 Cities Ha….