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Looking for youth support groups? Find them at the National Trans Youth Network. Campaigning for better quality and signposting of trans healthcare in Nottinghamshire and nationwide. For more info email us on info affirmni.

Getting the trans masculine community together to celebrate over Sparkle. Gender neutral barbershop est. Our prices are based on the cut you have, not your gender.

The official twitter feed from the Beaumont Society, the UKs largest and longest running transgender support group. Charitable education resource for the transgender community and those who are looking for more information on the issues these people face.

By providing education and information, our club seeks to increase awareness, overcome discrimination and achieve equality. Every Tuesday from 7. Beyond the Binary is the UK's online magazine for non-binary people. We swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg been organising meetings and helping people in the trans community for 16 years.

We hope we can be of help to you!! Born is a style and make-up studio specialising in trans beauty, voice and confidence building. Come and get involved!

Association of healthcare professionals, from a wide range of disciplines, committed to promoting excellence in clinical practice, clinical research, swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg and education in the field of healthcare for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

London club night in celebration of all degrees of butch! New to the Trans scene? Trying to come-out for the first time? Looking for Trans friends? We offer a bi-weekly community drop-in group. Diamonds is a transgender social and self-help group organised by cambridge tg that meets weekly in Cambridge, UK.

Fun, safe and affirming space for trans people to build community and sing. Meet weekly on Friday evenings in Cathays.

Chrysalis is a Charity with Meeting Centres for transitioning transgender transsexual adults. The meetings are held in South Hampshire and East Dorset.

Also for friends and families. Clinic T is a sexual health service based in Brighton for anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary or gender variant partners are welcome too. We're a social group for all trans people, based in Bournemouth.

Distinction's aim is to help trans people stay in their relationships through the transition. The Trans Partner Handbook by our founder mxjogreen is out now. We provide representation and support to trans students at Durham University. Edinburgh Chapter of Action for Trans Health. ATH is a grassroots organisation fighting for democratic trans swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg and trans liberation. Edinburgh Trans Women is a support group for transsexual women, transgender women or just uncertain of their gender identity.

GIRES' purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people. Find us on facebook too: We support and advocate for young trans, non-binary, questioning and intersex people in Northern Ireland.

Specialist in electrolysis hair removal including pre-surgery electrolysis. Heading up GenderCare, a private sector network of gender healthcare practitioners. I don't respond swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg mentions here; email instead. Transgender advocate and Gender Specialist. Free medical advice for gender queries. Youth swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg, creative workshops, mentoring for young trans people in the UK.

Transgender support group based in Gloucester. We welcome all people who are on the trans spectrum, including partners, family members, friends and allies. High Peak Trans Swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg is a social and support group for transgender, non-binary, gender variant and questioning adults in the High Peak area. This group is for those in Cornwall, strong links to Cornwall or visiting Cornwall who have, have had or think they may have issues around their gender.

Monthly drag king cabaret by the seaside at latestmusicbar. A social and support group for all on the transgender spectrum and including friends, partners and family. LDN branch of act4transhealth grassroots org. This group is for anyone who identifies somewhere within the FTM spectrum. Our aim is to improve access to healthcare for trans people through funding and engagement with communities and medical professionals.

This Facebook page has been set up primarily so that trans and non-binary people can keep up to date with their work. Project looking at the heritage of drag in Manchester funded by heritagelottery led by artist jezdolan.

A service which has been set up to support local transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming people by listening to them, informing them of available options to relieve their gender distress and empowering them to move forward with their lives. If it's Liverpool and trans. Visibility, Advocacy, Engagement, Empowerment.

London Gender Support LGS is a non-professional, not-for-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to support people in their journeys of self-discovery. NHS Scotland network for Scottish gender clinics and online information hub. The National Trans Youth Network is a network of trans youth groups from around the UK, and includes the youth workers who support them.

We are conversation starters with a swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg for gender and its complexity. Celebrating swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg non binary and multiplicity of identity.

Community group for people living in Northern Ireland who identify outside of the gender binary. A community gathering for Non-Binary people in Leeds and surrounding areas to get together in a social and supportive environment. Based in Hoxton, East London. Open every day for haircuts, tea, and hangouts. Run entirely by Volunteers.

Catch us on facebook at: Trans-lifestyle magazine-style website, published for over 25 years in print, and now available on-line. In the West Mids, Staffs and surrounding areas. Working for gender identity and gender reassignment equality and rights in Scotland. Sheffield Action for Trans Health are a local branch of the national organisation, aiming to improve access to health care for transgender people.

Self-help support group serving the Transgender community in Pembrokeshire and West Wales. Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity. Hosts the Sparkle Celebration in Manchester on the second weekend in July.

Spectra offers social groups, support, counselling and workshops. Swans of Scotland is a support group for transgender folk in the Highlands of Scotland. Swansea sparkle is Wales's largest Transgender information and public integration event. We are swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg Yorkshire wide support group for anyone assigned female at birth who considers themselves to be on the trans spectrum or is questioning their gender.

NHS gender service for over 18s located in Hammersmith, London. Often referred to as "Charing Cross". LeicesterLGBT khad leicesterlgbtcentre. Manchester's only dedicated Drag King night. Show starts at 8pm.

Harper Leigh Foundation is a charity that supports, raise awareness and raises funds for transgender young people - info theharperleighfoundation.

The Library is an alternative drag night in Manchester, UK. The Librarians have been busy alphabetising and binding, but are now ready to invite you inside It's run by and for and about trans masculine folk. Chat, Play games and generally Hang Out!

The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and their supporters. Trans Active aims to help the trans community in and around Sheffield socialise and improve their fitness and mental wellbeing through sport in a safe, relaxed environment.

A pioneering new trans theatre company. Touring acclaimed show 'You've Changed'. Next stop Swansea bournemouth give transgender and nonbinaryorg University. TransForum Manchester is a discussion group and peer support forum for all Transgendered people and those in any way questioning their gender.

Peer-to-Peer social and support group for trans masculine, NB and gender questioning adults in the West Midlands. Trans Masculine Scotland is run by and for the trans masculine community.

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The Unity Identity Centre formally Transgender in Wales is a support organisation started in February to provide support, and social inclusion activities for transgender individuals within Wales through centre activities, drop ins, online forums and social meetings.

Through the development of our services we have now grown, and along with our popular social meetings throughout Wales and as well as providing a safe space for the transgender community within the South Wales area, we know offer guidance on all issues which effect those who are transgender along with support and informative advice for parents of those who relate to being transgender and support for those who are in a dire need of help and support.

Through the support of Unity Group Wales and volunteers from the transgender community we are becoming the preferred first stop for support and advice. The Unity Identity Centre, Wales' first centre for all those who identify as trans, we have the support and social group which suits you.

The Unity Identity Centre is a fully inclusive not for profit organisation for all who relate to being transgender. We are a fully constituted organisation which comes under the strict operating governance of the Unity Group Wales charity. We assist transgender people, service providers, employers and equality organisations to engage together to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Wales. We strive for everyone in Wales to be safe and valued whatever their gender identity and gender reassignment status and to have full freedom in their gender expression.

We believe that it is in the interests of all gender diverse people in Wales to come together in alliance with one another to work more effectively to eliminate discrimination and harassment. We consult and involve many groups and individuals with various diverse identities, including: We prioritise working in partnership with other local, national and international equality organisations and take an intersectional approach which recognises the importance of tackling multiple- discrimination.

Drupal site by Website Development Ltd. Skip to main content. Unity Identity Centre - Transgender Support. Supporting, promoting and working with the transgender community in Wales.

Key areas of work: Unity Identity Centre 71 High Street. Opening hours if applicable: March 31, - March 29, - March 28, - Tuesday, April 3, - Space Youth Project Bournemouth.

Space Youth Project Weymouth. Wednesday, April 4, -