The Beginners TF2 Trading Guide – a Comprehensive starter guide (2018 Update)

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The following is a beginner-level guide describing all of the ways to earn weapons and cosmetic items in TF2. But other players are blowing you up with awesome weapons while wearing ridiculous hats.

How can you get more weapons and cosmetic items? There are two kinds of TF2 accounts: The reason is to reduce the number of spammers and cheaters on Steam by attaching a small monetary cost to each account, so that thousands of accounts cannot be used by a single person for these schemes.

So if you are free-to-play, you will not have full access to all of the kinds of items out there. There are a couple of simple team fortress 2 guide to trading options to gain a premium account:. Why would someone give you a Premium Gift? Doing so grants the giver a Professor Speks accessory, or adds to the counter of their existing Professor Speks.

If you make a purchase that upgrades your account to premium, you are asked to refer one person on your friends list as someone who has helped you in the game. There are hundreds of achievements to earn in Team Fortress 2. Just play the game, and if you complete a team fortress 2 guide to trading options task, the achievement will unlock and announce it to everyone on the server.

Here is the full list of 27 achievement weapons in TF2. And if you use them to craft metal or another item, the resulting item will carry that untradable trait, and the game will warn you that that will occur. This is to keep players from having dozens of separate Steam accounts just to farm for items. Only achievement-reward items will have the team fortress 2 guide to trading options trait. As stated above, earn the Professor Speks all-class cosmetic by gifting someone an Upgrade to Premium Gift.

It cannot be painted or traded. Earn the Ghastly Gibus all-class hat by earning a domination on a player wearing their own Gibus. There are multiple, slightly different versions the Ghastly, Ghastlier, Ghastlierest, Ghostly, and Galvanizedand dominated any player except for the Galvanized will earn you your own Ghastly Gibus the other versions were awarded earlier. You can earn this achievement at any time, and it can be worn at all time, unlike many Halloween-themed items.

It is paintable, but cannot be traded. Pryovision items changes the scenery on most official maps so that you play in a pastel-painted world of balloons and laughter instead of the screams and gibs of your enemies. You can change its vision in your Advanced Options menu. Earn a Mann Co. Cap all-class hat the first time you buy anything at the Mann Co. Store, regardless of amount spent. You can only earn one. It is paintable, but not tradable. You can also buy a real-life version from New Era.

There is a second hat, the Mann Co. Online Capwhich you can earn by buying something from the Mann Co. Online storewhich sells real-life Valve merchandise like posters, T-shirts, and hats!

You can level it up by buying more Map Stamps. This hat is paintable, but not tradable. The list of possible weapons available is roughly the same as the craftable weapon list plus the achievement-reward weapon list i.

By a similar but separate system, crates and rarely, other tool items such as Name Tags instead can drop for you as well, and they are NOT limited by your weekly playing time. Of course, you need keys to open crates; they are basically opportunities for Valve to make money by selling you keys.

Crate drops are rarer than in years past; players got annoyed by having too many crates. Sometimes, such as during the winter holiday, crate drops will occur more often. You may also get a crate once a week in your account just for logging in. Many cosmetics can be earned just by buying certain games. Some were only available during pre-order, but many are still available if you buy the game today. Note that many of these items will be Genuine quality.

You need to get good at playing poker, but you can earn:. Store not to be confused with the white Surplus tickets. Tickets are used up and rewards are earned only when you successfully win an entire mission. You can take undesired items and turn them into metalwhich is used to craft other weapons. Almost every non-Limited cosmetic can be crafted, but of course, what you receive is randomized.

Use this formula if you really want more team fortress 2 guide to trading options for your favorite class. See this page for a list of many other crafting recipes, which are also found in your Crafting menu.

Simply follow the recipe to craft a desired weapon. The above formula will generate one random weapon out of the team fortress 2 guide to trading options craftable weapons that match both the class and weapon slot of the tokens.

For example, following this recipe with a Pyro token and a Secondary token can generate a flare gun, detonator, reserve shooter, manmelter, scorch shot, or panic attack. Crates are opened with keys usually Mann Co. Crate Keys, but special crates require special keysand they can be purchased from the Mann Co. Oh, if you have too many crates, you should probably just delete any duplicates you have. If you have robot parts in your possession, you have probably been playing some Mann vs.

These are used for crafting certain Killstreak Kits. Access the Mann Co. Store within the TF2 game itself. Want a different kind of rocket launcher for your Soldier? Want a new community-designed hat? Just look at the catalog of items in the in-game menu, and purchase with your Steam Wallet funds. Team fortress 2 guide to trading options can buy a Starter Pack the gives you one of each Unique weapon for that class! You can also buy from either the in-game Store, or from the Market an Unlocked Class Cratewhich will drop you one random cosmetic equippable by that class.

You could get just about anything. Not all rocket launchers are created alike. The stock Rocket Launchers are all alike, of course. But there are many kind of reskinned rocket launchers. The pictured Rocket Launcher is a Decorated weapon; scroll down to the next section to learn more about Decorated weapons.

All of the above rocket launchers behave identically in play. Below is the Warbird, a rare decorated rocket launcher from the Tough Break season:. Look at the item name: Yes, there are gifters who play TF2 regularly.

Very few players just go around looking for Newbs who need items. But there are plenty of players wiling to give a couple of weapons or an odd hat to someone who has none. The important thing team fortress 2 guide to trading options to be nice and civil.

Spamming chat with demands for free items will annoy anyone who would have been willing, and that behavior can get you banned from the Newbs servers. Over the years, players have established a de facto economy by using certain common and uncommon items as currencies, specifically metal, keys, and earbuds. Metal is the crafting ingredient discussed above to create random cosmetics and weapons.

Because of these uses, metal also has worth in the economy. A refined metal is 1. A reclaimed metal is. A scrap metal is worth. A hat worth 1. Keys, or standard Mann Co. Popular, in-demand items that are not very rare are often measured in keys, such team fortress 2 guide to trading options taunts or popular hats. How much ref a key is worth changes based on the demand in the economy how bad people want keys, or metal.

Buds, or Earbudsare a somewhat rare, Limited cosmetic item. I know this because the blog dashboard shows me certain search engine terms that bring readers to this blog.

Lots and lots of TF2 players want free unusual hats, keys and items. The TF2Newbs community, like many other public gaming communities out there, frown on begging. Repeatedly asking for items disrupts the game and can lead to a permanent ban on Newbs servers.

Would you want your games interrupted team fortress 2 guide to trading options beggars? My point is, earn or buy items yourself.

Trading exists so that you can meet other players and swap team fortress 2 guide to trading options. I hope this blogpost has helped you learn about the wide variety, and multiple functions, of the items of Team Fortress 2. If I have helped you in your quest for mighty loot, feel free to say so in the comments, or post in the forums.

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A beta update for Steam lets gamers trade virtual items for unused digital copies of games. Released Tuesday, the upgrade to Valve's digital-distribution platform could co-opt a thriving black market in which players swap unwanted games for prized in-game extras. Valve introduced hats — novelty pieces of headwear for game characters — to its cartoon-styled multiplayer first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 in These hats, along with upgraded weapons, could be earned by simply playing the game or by purchasing them with real money.

In , Team Fortress 2 received an update that allowed players to trade hats and weapons with each other. Now you can trade those hats and other virtual goods for other players' unused games. We've added a new checkout option to the Store when purchasing a gift so you can save it for trading or sending later, to support users who want to save games for trade fodder.

What this means is you can't trade away an old, unplayed copy of something like Railworks 2 for a shiny new Teddy Roosebelt. Instead you have to buy the game again, this time as a giftable version. Exchanging a virtual gun or hat for a fully playable game isn't a new idea. Users of Steam, Valve's digital-distribution platform that is home to hundreds of downloadable games including Team Fortress 2, have been doing it ever since the trading system was introduced a year ago.

Until now, the practice was never official. We saw something like this recently with the news that Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming dungeon-crawler RPG Diablo III will allow players to sell in-game loot for real cash. Like Blizzard, Valve is trying to control an economy that has until recently been entirely under the control of fan-run websites and forums.

But buying mystical swords and armor with real money is much different than exchanging a purchased game for a digital hat that you will rarely ever see. The sword can help you complete the game faster but the hat is entirely cosmetic — there's little practical value. On the other hand, goods are only as valuable as what you pay for them. If this experiment succeeds, then the answer will be yes.

And Valve will have created an unprecedented virtual economy where a copy of Portal 2 is just as valuable as a Respectless Rubber Glove. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. While You Were Offline.