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This Week in Risk blog includes David's newest YouTube videos, new practice questions that he has written, some great discussions from our forum and Read More.

New practice Read More. Test your knowledge with our newest practice questions, and read through some helpful FRM discussions in our forum! David has also provided links to Read More. In the forum this week selected subset only Risk typology P1.

Is this true or false: To obtain firm-wide risk, we should aggregate market, credit and operational risks but exclude business risks https: Arbitrage and the Law of One Price in bond pricing https: On the direct link between storage cost as constant ratio of asset price u and lumpy storage costs U https: To reduce the portfolio beta to 0.

On the difference between N d1 and N d2: What is full repricing P1. Duration mapping can tricky, what are the vertices? What are the risk factors? Great observation by The Great Kahn love his handle! Does or does not CVaR include expected losses?

T6 Is the credit value adjustment CVA in counterparty risk an addition or subtraction, and how do we know to whose counterparty perspective is being referenced? How is the test of alpha derived? Risk-adjusted return on capital does not have a single magic definition, really; there tips to select a spread betting broker binary options leader bank loans secondary market and portfo several flavors of return on capital.

The criteria is ratio consistency https: Portfolio VaR measures tend to utilize covariance properties, including the self-referencing covariance between a position and its own portfolio https: It found that the first type of traders were particularly active during periods of high market volatility, and therefore contributed to that volatility. The second group, by contrast, tended to withdraw from financial markets during periods of high market stress—just when they might be needed most to provide additional liquidity.

Insurance Is Changed Forever http: This is NOT a mobile app sitting on top of traditional insurance. Identify the most critical assets, 2. Protect by controlling access, 3. Detect any intrusions, 4. Respond to contain the intrusion, and 5. Recover by restoring to normal operation. This framework is solid, but poses challenges; thinking outside the box might make for a good number six on the risk management matrix.

Online Lenders Scramble to Tell the Difference http: Exxon Mobil might have to concede that 3. A View from Zurich Chief risk officer since mid, Cecilia Reyes points to a clearer mandate for risk management and improved peer relations with risk owners — the businesses http: The standard bifurcation of business and risk responsibilities arguably hurts, rather than helps, the goal of creating a strong risk culture. How do we fix that? Financial institutions traditionally coveted graduates from Stanford and other big-name schools and people already working in Silicon Valley.

But that system tends to overlook good programmers from other schools or gifted dropouts, according to recruiters. Life and Death on Wall Street is here http: T2 Better Confidence Intervals for Quantiles http: In such cases, companies typically sell debt to investors with a fixed interest rate, then enter a contract with the bank to pay a variable rate.

And the answer is always sort of obvious, though not universally satisfying. Clients tips to select a spread betting broker binary options leader bank loans secondary market and portfo to do interest-rate swaps. They are principal trades, often with terms of many years; you enter into a swap and then you just … have it. Recent Posts This Week in Risk blog includes David's newest YouTube videos, new practice questions that he has written, some great discussions from our forum and Read More.

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We cannot blame this absence on a lack of empirical data or on archaeologists theoretical naivete. Instead, we argue that this absence reflects the fact that gender in this period was qualitatively different in form from the types of gender that emerged in Europe from about 3000 cal BC onwards; the latter still form the norm in European and American contexts today, and our standard theories and methodologies are designed to uncover this specific form of gender.

In Bronze Age gender systems, gender was mostly binary, associated with stable, lifelong identities expressed in recurrent complexes of gendered symbolism.

In contrast, Neolithic gender appears to have been less firmly associated with personal identity and more contextually relevant; it slips easily through our methodological nets.