Reforming trade in agri-products

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In a bid to introduce contemporary agriculture —agri and allied sectors with their best practices that can inevitably help countless farmers and trade in agricultural produce in india owners, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with the support of the Government of India and several States and in technical collaborations with a large number of industry associations and international bodies, is fully geared up to floor AgroWorld from October 25 to 27, at the sprawling campus of Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi.

Additionally, this insightful global knowledge and trade event will encompass industry-oriented topics, opportunities for startups, international participation and much more! Meanwhile, the agro food industry experts, agri-specialists and government officials from all across the world, will share their prized insights on available technologies, trade and business models and modern innovations.

These distinguished individuals will be ready to interact with our entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists. Indian industry and businesses, institutions, Central Ministries and the State Governments will have the showcasing opportunities of their products and technologies, programs and services, potential and achievements before the national and global stake-holders to explore possibilities of investments, technical cooperation, trade, business, marketing and partnerships opportunities.

Along with its partners, ICFA is passionately promoting AgroWorld across India and the world that incorporates major sectors and key stake-holders in food, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and allied sectors. ICFA invites you to avail this wonderful opportunity to take a proactive part as a zealous exhibitor during the forthcoming exciting event — AgroWorldand showcase the products, technologies, programs and services to a colossal target audience in a single, pulsating platform for three consecutive days!

AgroWorld offers an opportunity to celebrate the fruits of different countries by organizing country specific fruit festivals. The country specific fruit festivals will host a series of events i. These events will provide a platform to showcase their trade in agricultural produce in india, cuisine and attract tourists and traders to their country. Further, country specific fruit pavilions will provide a platform to display the diversity, latest innovations, products and services trade in agricultural produce in india fresh produce business and explore the international trade potential for different fruits.

AgroWorld invites target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors' conditions. The officials, industry, institutions, producers, traders, importers, investors, dealers, farmers and other professional organizations. Governments and chambers of different countries through country pavilions, international enterprises, Indian food and agriculture industry, central ministries, technology institutions, agribusinesses and State Governments, export and trade companies and agri-food start-ups, agro and farm services etc.

The anatomy of global food and agriculture has undergone a complete metamorphosis in recent decades and is structurally very different now. As one can see, five of the six global leaders in agricultural output are developing countries. In fact, China and India alone account for close to 30 percent of the global total.

Meanwhile, the world's population is projected to grow from about 7 billion in to 9. India with million hectares of arable land, promises great opportunity for technologies, investments, food trade and agribusinesses due to its farm land and resources currently being used sub-optimally. India's domestic demand for food and fiber is expected to go up considerably as the country 1.

Indian agriculture is looking for advanced technologies, farming systems, agri services seeds and planting material, farm machinery, agro-processing equipment, crop care and soil trade in agricultural produce in india products, dairy, poultry and fishery, technologies and health care, agriculture infrastructure, and models of value chains, agribusinesses and marketing in food, agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture and substantially enhanced participation in global food and agro trade.

Reap the Rewards of Exhibiting. AgroWorld Invites target visitors through all kinds of channels according to the exhibitors' conditions. The officials, industry, institutions, producers, traders, importers, investors, dealers and other professional organizations etc.

Involve international enterprises, Indian industry, central ministries, technology institutions, food and agribusinesses and State Governments, export trade in agricultural produce in india trade companies and agri-food start-ups etc.

The Gateway to Global Agri Business. AgroWorld Fruit Festivals AgroWorld offers an trade in agricultural produce in india to celebrate the fruits of different countries by organizing country specific fruit festivals. Global Visibility and Great Branding. Marketing and Business Opportunities. With the increase in demand, more and more international players trade in agricultural produce in india attracted to the Indian market that offers enormous opportunities.

Find awesome audience and key persons of Indian and global food and agriculture sectors to explore possibilities of business, investments and collaborations. Meet the Right Buyers: The Fair boasts to understand exhibitor's needs and deliver right buyer, collaborator and investor to serve the purpose of participation.

India offers great learning opportunity in agriculture. The national and global display of products, technologies and services can help you discover how to be more productive. AgroWorld provides a great opportunity to network. Better innovations and trade in agricultural produce in india from other regions and the world can become valuable resources for referrals and best-practices. AgroWorld is a place where you can learn more about the trade in agricultural produce in india national and global business climate.

Discovering innovative products and services for your business to stay competitive in today's dynamic business world. With large number of print and digital media partners and social media initiatives, it offers great exposure and widespread publicity. Food and Agriculture Powerhouse of the World. Highlights of AgroWorld

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The market facilitate farmers, traders, buyers etc. Over 90 commodities including staple food grains, vegetables and fruits are currently listed in its list of commodities available for trade. It was launched by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. A similar project was initiated by the Congress government in the State of Karnataka , during UPA tenure and had been a great success.

NDA government has rolled it out nationally. The eNAM online marketplace is linked with markets APMCs in 16 states and 2 union territory, with over 45 lakh farmer membership in 15 states. The government plans to connect over 22, GrAMs , local farmers markets, with the platform. A multilingual, eNAM mobile application is available on Android for farmers and traders to bid and complete a transact on the app.

The agents are mostly using the eNAM mobile App for trading on behalf of farmers. The MIS dashboard was introduced in February , to give a greater insight into the performance of each market mandi in terms of arrival and trade. The government has allocated Rs.

Each market is given 30 lakhs by the department. Buyers like large retailers, processors or exporters will be able to source commodities from any mandi in India thereby reducing the inter-mediation cost. Their physical presence and dependence on intermediaries will not be needed. NAM will increase the number of traders and the competition among them increases.

This translates into stable prices and availability to the consumers. There will be reduction in book keeping and reporting system as it will be generated automatically.

Monitoring and regulation of traders and commission agents becomes easy. Market allocation fee will increase due to accounting of all transactions taking place in the market. For instance, the system declares the winner of lots within few seconds. It eliminates information asymmetry as all the activities of an APMC can be known directly from the website. NAM aims to improve the marketing aspect of the agriculture sector.

With one license for the entire state and single point levy, an entire state becomes a market and the market fragmentation within the same state gets abolished. It will improve the supply chain of commodities and reduces wastages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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