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Baseball Cards and football cards plus other sports cards and selling baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards and hockey cards plus supplies and team items is what we do and have been doing for more than 29 years. We are the major source and authority for baseball card and football card team sets on the internet so be sure to check out our Baseball Cards Team Sets and team sets for other sports too.

Over the years we have prided ourselves on our large selection of sports cards with great prices including baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards for sale. We carry a large assortment of sports cards in the pack, the box, team sets, sets, and by the Single Cards in all your favorite brands like Pacific, Topps, Bowman, Fleer, Ultra, Upper Deck, Skybox, and Finest, plus supplies for all your sports card collecting needs. Collecting Trading cards store online Cards is a fun, exciting and educational hobby that can last a lifetime and there are as many different trading cards store online to trading cards store online as there are collectors.

I hope we can help with your way of collecting. If you collect just one team, one player one brand or a little bit of all kinds of cards I'm sure you will find things to add to your collection.

We add new baseball trading card items all the time so you may want to bookmark The Baseball Card Shop site to your favorites list or add a link to our site on your home page and check back often so as not to miss out on cards you may want and be looking for. We are your number one shopping site for sports cards. When you order from The Baseball Card Shop Online Store, your order is transmitted over a secure channel to our secure server.

Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that your internet transactions are safe trading cards store online protected. Your name, address, and credit card number plus every other part of your order, can't be read by anyone else as the information travels from your computer to ours.

The safety and security of your order is our number one concern. There are no two collections of baseball sports cards that are exactly the same, At least that we have seen. There is no right or wrong way to collect sportscards all collectors have their own way of collecting.

Since sports card collecting is a hobby, what you collect, how much you collect, and how much time and money you spend collecting are entirely up to you.

The funds trading cards store online have available for collecting and your own personal taste should determine how you collect. Information and ideas presented here are intended to help you get the most enjoyment from this hobby and have fun collecting for years to come.

It is impossible to collect every card ever produced. Therefore, beginners as well as intermediate and advanced collectors usually specialize in some way shape or form like by collecting only old baseball cards or only new baseball cards or only one sport such as collecting football cards. One of the reasons this hobby is popular is that individual collectors can define and tailor their collecting methods to match their own tastes.

To give you some ideas of the various approaches to collecting baseball cards and other sports cards, we will list some of the more popular areas of specialization. Many collectors select complete sets from particular years.

For example, they may concentrate on assembling complete baseball card sets from all the years since their trading cards store online or since they became avid sports trading cards store online.

They may try to trading cards store online a card for every baseball player during a specified period of time. Many others wish to acquire only certain players. Usually such players are the superstars of the sport or players that they know or have seen in person, but occasionally collectors will specialize in all the cards of players who attended a particular college or came from a certain town.

Some collectors are only interested in the first cards or rookie cards of certain players. Another fun way to collect baseball cards is by team. Most fans have a favorite team, and it is natural for that loyalty to be translated into a desire for cards of the players on that favorite team.

Collecting baseball cards and other sportscards like football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards is a great trading cards store online from everyday life and is trading cards store online fun pastime for the whole family.

Trading cards with family members makes for a fun family time together. You can buy cards in person at sports card shops, at online stores, at auction sites like Ebay, and to a more limited degree at retail stores retail stores often only sell packs and sometimes baseball card boxes of the most current cards.

Where you buy will often depend on the service you receive and where you feel you can trust the place selling baseball cards. Most times you will get the most for you sports cards when you can sell them directly to another collector. Selling to baseball card dealers will bring less most of the time because they need to resell them for a profit and have they have the various costs to run their business that also have to be covered.

Selling baseball cards on Ebay is often the easiest way for many, however many collectors enjoy setting up at shows and flee markets to sell their extras. Others build web sites with their baseball cards trading cards store online sale. How you choose will depend how much time you want to spend on baseball card collecting, sports card collecting and or if you are continuing to collect or just selling your cards.

What ever way you pick it is recommend that you know the value and prices of your baseball cards, sports cards, and other collector trading cards store online no matter if they are old baseball cards or new baseball cards. The best way is with a good price guide like Beckett price guides for the current values of cards. The Old Judge picture cards were issued from to and more than different baseball cards from that set have been cataloged, not to mention trading cards store online many cards made for other sports and non sports.

In turn companies in other industries including candy, caramel, and gum makers used baseball cards as premiums trading cards store online sell their products. New companies like Score, Upper Deck, Pacific, and others started making cards and the competition led to the high-tech sports trading cards store online we have today with the many different brands being made. With so many brands being made came great compition and many of the cards compinies have now fallen by the way side but we still can collect and enjoy the many different cards they made.

The team names and logos are registered trademarks trading cards store online the teams indicated. Trademarks used on this site are used for the sole purpose of selling licensed merchandise and remain the Property of their respective owners.

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A trading card has an image of a person, place, event or thing on the front, and on the back is a brief description of the importance of the subject. They vary greatly with some being collectibles and have autographs, color images, and elaborate graphics.

Most are produced from heavy card stock paper, but they have been made out of silk cloth, felt, transparent plastic, metal, celluloid plastic, and holographic plastic.

Most people associate them with stars in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. But there are ones for many other sports, like racing, cycling, running, and rugby. There are some for events like the Olympic Games and the World Series. Trading products that are not sports related are categorized as non-sports cards. These products cover a broad range. The card set Horrors of War printed in is famous for its vivid graphics and quality text. Children collect ones based on cartoons and superheroes.

Other subjects have included television shows, movies, and reality shows like wrestling. The card game category grew out of the non-sports cards category.

Magic the Gathering was played primarily via cards with players and collectors of all ages around the world. Well preserved items will give years of enjoyment. There are several ways to protect and organize your collection. A retail one is packaged in a pack of five or more. They are sold to the general public. Hobby products are sold as collectibles. They may include some material or content that is not available in the retail packs.

Manufacturers will also release limited items for promotions and redemption. All of these can differ from the retail versions. Some specialize in certain sports. Tristar's sports division focuses on Minor League Baseball and wrestling.

Sage makes football-related products only. Topps does both sport and non-sport cards collectibles. Skip to main content. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Find Your Hero Find sports cards of your favorite legends. Huge lot of old vintage Baseball Cards in Unopened Packs. Sell Your Baseball Cards! List your items now.