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Buying bullion can be a lucrative way to invest your money and a great way to diversify your risk. However, as with any other form of investment, the degree of your success will be determined by the soundness of your strategy.

Bullion is a bulk quantity of precious metal, such as goldsilverplatinum or palladiummeasured by weight and typically cast as bars. Gold and silver are also bought and sold as coins platinum and palladium coins exist but are rarer: Bullion coins are cast from precious metals and bought for investment purposes.

Their value is based on their bullion content and prices fluctuate daily. Because they are classed as legal tender they enjoy a favourable tax treatment in many jurisdictions. The simple aim of buying bullion is to buy when prices are low and sell when trading in gold coins are high. However life and the markets are never simple or easy to predict.

If they were, we would all have bought gold when it began its long rise in price in Or again after the banking crash of As we shall see, precious metals are best regarded as a long-term investment: Bullion tends to move on a different track to equities and to other commodities, which makes it very useful hedge against losses in other investment classes: The only way to really get your hands around the bullion itself is to buy and own exclusively the physical product.

You can then decide whether to have it on your premises or to use the services of a secure vault. There is a choice of ways of achieving this aim. Many analysts are agreed that being invested in commodities, including precious metals, is a good thing.

Most confine trading in gold coins recommendations to funds that invest in a basket of commodities. However although a rise in gold spot selling trading in gold coins improves the fortunes of a gold mining company, it probably faces challenges from declining output and increasing costs; so that its share price does not tally with the way that gold bullion rises in price due to its trading in gold coins scarcity.

You can buy physical bullion in a range of countries including the UK. However this can bring with it trading in gold coins charges and you need to compare the advantages of different locations when thinking of how to buy gold, including those offshore. The island of Guernsey presents specific benefits, including secure ownership and tax advantages, to the bullion investor. It is important to invest with a supplier that has a transparent, liquid market for buying back bullion at favourable rates that do not disadvantage the holder.

Suppliers like BullionRock offer a transparent selling process that is simple and advantageous. Unbeatable prices on bars and coins: View our Special Offers.

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