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Mike of course had a lot more to say, and he has kindly allowed when will shak options trade to re-post his further thoughts. Some cool stuff about reversal conversions on hard to borrow stocks here:. A couple decades ago it might have seemed daunting to enter a business dominated by McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Jack in the Box and the like.

It is clear though that information moves much more quickly now. The post-war era transformed the economy and the nation as many returning GIs went to college and migrated to cities.

Now, companies that seemed invulnerable due to their size when will shak options trade scale, such as McDonalds, are viewed as outdated monoliths as some consumers are no longer satisfied with fast food, but also want good food.

Combine that with modern day viral marketing and maybe a hot dog stand in Union Square can be transformed into a business valued at two billion dollars in just over a decade.

Comparing a Shackburger with a glass of wine to Big Mac value meal and one begins to see why investors might get excited. Investors gobbled up the limited float with as much enthusiasm as they eat the when will shak options trade imagining that Shake Shack may be to burgers what Starbucks is to coffee, and that they may one day become as ubiquitous. Looking more closely at SHAK as an investment opportunity, however, means we need to take a look at their financial statements, and for owners of the stock that may be about as appealing as looking at the nutritional information from their menu.

A double SmokeShack burger, cheese fries and a Shake would beand when will shak options trade calories respectively or up to 2, calories, essentially my entire daily recommended caloric intake assuming I am moderately active. These latter numbers are not particularly surprising. Options markets have been highly skeptical of SHAK stock since they first became available for trading, and this when will shak options trade largely due to the limited float.

Last Friday for example, if one bought the January If you are long the Because one collected a dime credit to do the trade, the net purchase price would be Effectively entering into this trade would be a commitment to purchase the shares at Why would it be possible to get long the stock synthetically at such a discount to where it is currently trading? In other words the demand to borrow stock to short is high, and the availability of stock to short is very low.

So what happens when the supply of stock available to sell increases? So what is the takeaway here? If you are inclined to purchase the stock, the valuation is a bit heady here, and perhaps you should wait until the supply and demand for those that would sell the stock has normalized.

Some cool stuff about reversal conversions on hard to borrow stocks here: Here are some other statistics you might find interesting. Number of locations added over the most recently reported quarter. Shake Shack — 5 locations added for a total of Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet.

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